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Religion in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

No description

Allie Truesdale

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Religion in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Religion in Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Gordon Gu, Cailtin Laber, Isabel Porpoise Reef, Allie Truesdale
Santiago Nasar and Jesus Christ
How are the two similar/ dissimilar?
“Santiago put on a shirt and pants of white linen”(5).
Both wore white on day of death
White = Innocence
When killed Santiago acts with bewilderment of innocence rather than panic and guilt
“He died without understanding his own death.” (101).

How are the two similar/ dissimilar?

“The knife went through the palm of his right hand and then sank into his side up to the hilt. Everybody heard his cry of pain”(139).

Santiago stabbed on wooden door like Christ on wooden cross
Jesus nailed to cross by his palms
Just as soldiers stabbed a wound in His side in order to ensure He was dead, Vicario brothers stabbed Santiago's side
Many people heard Jesus' last words on the cross, and realized their wrong doings
Many people heard Santiago's screams and felt bad, realized their mistakes
Author shows how corrupt the society is

Santiago Nasar and Jesus Christ
“Mortally wounded three times, Santiago Nasar turned frontward again and leaned his back against his mother’s door, without the slightest resistance,as if he only wanted to help them finish killing him by his own contribution. ” (118)
#3 is a symbol for Christ
Both Santiago and Jesus show no resistance
Jesus died for the sins of the world
Santiago died for the sin of the impure Angela

Santiago Nasar and Jesus Christ
How are the two similar/ dissimilar?
Also Note-Worthy
“He had a deep stab in the right hand, it looked like a stigma of the crucified Christ” (75).
Most direct connection to Christ
Paul and Peter vs. Pablo and Pedro
Maria Alejandrina Cervantes- apostle

Then What?
Is Santiago innocent?
Shows that though the societies constantly sin, the death of both (innocent?) men seem to cleanse the wrongdoings of other people. The societies allow for the innocent men to be killed in order to remove the transgressions of their individual lives
Santiago Naser died in order to uphold the tradition of the code of honor.
Jesus Christ also faced these traditional values within His society. Christ was killed to uphold the tradition of the church.

Religious Figures in Chronicle of a Death Foretold
The Bishop
Father Amador
" 'The truth is I didn't know what to do,' he told me. 'My first thought was that it wasn't any business of mine but something for the civil authorities, but then I made up my mind to say something in passing to Placida Linero.' Yet when he crossed the square, he'd forgotten completely. 'You have to understand,' he told me, "that the bishop was coming that day.'"
Example of the many authority figures who had power to stop the crime, but were completely ineffective in preventing it.
Honor killing is condoned by Father Amador

So What?
Shows that the moral and spiritual authorities are more concerned with meaningless ritual than with actually helping the people they serve.
Not a very strong commitment to religion
The Murder
Big Questions
Why did no one stop Pedro and Pablo and did they use religion as an excuse to evade their moral obligations?
Why compare Santiago to Jesus?
What is the author trying to say about religion?

Big Ideas
The book shows the society's flaky connection and adherence to religion- it is more used as an excuse for bad than a benevolent driving force of good
Both Jesus and Santiago are killed to uphold the ideals of their society
Anything else?

Looking at Bishop as a symbol for Catholicism/ religion
Townspeople are distracted by the Bishops arrival
“He won’t even get off the boat. He’ll give an obligatory blessing, as always, and go back the way he came. He hates this town.” (8)
The bishop doesn't get off the boat, but makes sign of the cross toward the crowd, then goes back up the river.

“[Clotilde] was certain that the Vicario brothers were not as eager to carry out the sentence as to find someone who would do them the favor of stopping them.” (Chapter 3, page 57)
The causation and justification of the murder both have their roots in religion.
Vicario brothers seek asylum in church where they confess and expect to be forgiven because they killed for religious views of love and honor.
Author shows negative aspects of religion.
The murder was treated as a religious sacrifice with "sacrificial tools".
Pablo and Pedro did not want to actually kill Nasar, but they felt a necessity to protect the honor and love that is embodied by their religion.
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