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5 Dimensions of Health

No description

Jessica Hughes

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of 5 Dimensions of Health

5 Dimensions of Health Cognitive Health Physical Heath Emotional Health Spiritual Health Social Health Cognitive health means how
well our minds function. Two positive behaviours that
Cognitive health can bring along is;
being an optimistic person and
having the ability to develop skills and
knowledge Two examples of local services that provide assistance and support for this health dimension could include; The Hills Clinic which is a business that provides treatment for psychological and psychiatric health issues, eg: depression, anxiety etc. Another place is Clarity Counselling. This provides a professional service similar to Hills Clinic, which counsels people and gives advice on what to do when struggling with cognitive health. Physical Health is the way in which our body systems function Two positive behaviours that enhance the
health of someone with this dimension could
include having a healthy diet and exercising
regularly; which can then lead to getting sick less
as they are healthier and having a great body. One business that provides assistance and
support is the Anytime Fitness Gym. It is open
24 hours and has a wide selection of equipment
and tools to use to help keep your body healthy. Another service is Blacktown Leisure Centre, which is complete with a number of different pools, a gym and many different active classes. Emotional Health could be described as how good we feel about ourselves and others Two positive behaviours included in emotional health could include; that children achieve better results in their learning and it can help with your physical health. Two local services that help with emotiional health could include; E-couch which is a self help website for people suffering from emotional health(eg: anxiety, loss and grief, relationship breakdown etc.) Kids helpline is a service for kids emotionally struggling, which provides online and not online help. Social Health is how well we
co-operate and
get on with others. Two positive behaviours for social health would be that, you would have close and healthy friendships and you would gain confidence. Two local services that help to enhance
Social Health could include;youth groups,
which are based around getting to know
everyone and sporting groups, while doing
what you love, you are meeting new people
and creating strong friendships. Spiritual Health could be defined as how you see yourself fitting into the world and you faith. Two positive behaviours included in
Spiritual Health could include
understanding yourself and your values and
having self- confidence. Two local service for spiritual health could include Church; which is a congregation to praise, worship and learn about your faith and youth group which is a great way for younger people to gather and express themselves.
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