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PostSecret - An Oral Presentation

No description

Vanessa Lebeau

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of PostSecret - An Oral Presentation

POSTSECRET What is PostSecret? Why did it start? Where does it go? Frank Warren is the creator of PostSecret PostSecret is a community-turned-international project Why do people like PostSecret?
Is it the curiosity?
Is it the perversion of looking into someone else's life? Is it because they need help and don't know where to look for it? Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects Some secrets can be anybody's secret. There are two kinds of secrets, those we keep from others, and those we hide from ourselves. Some secrets you didn't even know were yours Some of them are sad and painful... And some you don't know what to think... PostSecret now has different websites such as


United KingdomRussia
Norwegia PostSecret Exhibitions and speeches
Around the world Some of them are funny
Which was the most shocking or funny secret seen today and why?

Did anybody see a secret that they related to, either in the books or in my presentation?

Does anyone have a secret they would be willing to share? PostSecret.com
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