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Witch and Wizard + The Gift

For English class

Cat M

on 26 March 2011

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Transcript of Witch and Wizard + The Gift

Witch and Wizard + The Gift By James Patterson Main Characters: Wizard Whit (Whitford) Allgood and... Witch Wisty (Wisteria) Allgood Wisty's Character Traits Rebellious "No! Mom! Dad! Help!' I shrieked and tried to pull away..." This shows that Wisty is rebellious because she won't listen to what these strangers say. Even though they come in the name of the law, Wisty still fights against them. Mischievious " He glared at me. 'Put that down. I command it!' 'Ooh, I'm a bad, scary witch,' I said in a psycho kind of voice, 'I'm going to turn you into a pumpkin! Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!'" This quote shows that Wisty is mischievious because she goes out of her way to scare Byron, since he thinks that she is a Witch. Because Wisty plays pranks like this on other people thoughout the book, I infered that she was mischievious. FIERY!!!! "In an instant, blood rushed to my head, my cheeks flooded with heat, and sweat seemed to leap from my skin and sizzle... I saw-and felt-foot-long flames bust out of every pore in my body. This quote shows that Wisty is fiery 'cuz... Well.... She can catch on fire. Not only that, but she can get really passionate and angry about certain subjects, as she did here when her parents were being taken away. Whit's Character Traits Sweet Determined!!!!! Defensive Character Trait Venn Diagram Whit Wisty Both "'Maybe you should try to write about it, instead of talking.' 'Actually I do. I've got...' Should I tell her? 'A poem.'...'A poem?' Janine looks startled. 'Can I... Hear it?'...'Okay,' I concede." This shows that Whit is sweet because, let's face it, not many guys his age write poems. And they certainly don't read them aloud to girls. However, Whit writes about his feelings and even shares them with Janine, which is sweet. "I instictively put my arm around Wisty, as if that's going to protect her from his lustful eyes. 'Wisty, you and I both know that we could do great things together,' he says to her, and I tighten my grip on her shoulder." This quote proves that Whit is defensive because when Byron starts talking to Wisty, Whit protectively puts an arm around his sister's shoulder. Even though Byron hadn't posed any threat to Wisty, (yet) Whit insitctively came to her defense. "I have to find her. Have to get back to Shadowland...I charge toward to portal wall at a sprint... 'Celia!' I yell at the top of my voice, 'Celia, it's me! Whit!...'" This quote shows that Whit is determined because even though he knows that Celia is dead, he will stop at nothing to find her. He has this usually silent point of focus that keeps him going against the New Order, and that is why I believe that Whit is determined. Fiery Rebellious Mischievious Ignorant Passionate Determined Sweet Defensive Powerful Transparent Emotional Loving Courageous Firebrand Stoical Devoted Audacious Perseveres Patient Mature Goodwill Decisive Forgiving Character Development: Wisty is a static character because even before the New Order came and at the beginning of Witch and Wizard she was rebellious and a firebrand. Now, the only thing that has changed is that she has something besides school to rebel AGAINST. At the end of The Gift, sure, she's a more delicate person, but Wisty still keeps most of her fiery and passionate traits. Whit, unlike Wisty, is a dynamic character. In the beginning of Witch and Wizard, Whit was described as a normal teenage boy upset over the dissapearence of his girlfriend and lumbering around the house at night with an energy drink can in his hand because he was so demotivated. Then, at the end of The Gift, Whit has proved himself to be a devoted member of the Resistance and defensively protecting hsi sister when he feels the need to. This dramatic change from moody to powerful, determined, and couragous marks Whit as a true dynamic character. "If I'm drawing air, it's not because I care about living... His command sweeps across the city, obliterating every other noise. But I'm unmoved. Still shell-shocked. Numb everywhere, incuding in places that I didn't know existed." Do you need proof that this venn diagram is true? Read how Whit and Wisty react in the same situation: "As sure as I am Wisteria Rose Allgood, I have only one thought: I'm gonna BURN everything and everyone around me. Burn it all down... All I know is that I'm going to burn that evil madman to cinders." These two quotes show that while Wisty burns with all-out rage during a dire situation, Whit is moved to the point where he barely wants to live anymore. They are both passionate, but Wisty expresses more anger while Whit expresses sadness. Sooo..... Buy the book Read their story Become part of their magic By Cat + Lia
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