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No description

Potatoe Marshmellow

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of CATAPULT

How it works. The Catapult works just like any other lever. it has a basket or dish to hold the load. It has a hinge or bolt to work as the fulcrum and you would push down on the arm as the effort. The spring or bungee cord would be pulled against when you push on the arm and would recoil when you let go bringing the arm forward and sending the bean bag flying. materials You would need,
A plastic dog bowl or basket
Nuts, a Bolt, washers, and Screws
a spring or bungee cord with lots of recoil
and optional, paint. What is a Catapult? A catapult is a lever that is used to shoot or fling things. It can be any of the three types of levers, Class 1, Class2, and Class3. what kind of catapult is ours? Our catapult is a class one Regular Catapult, we have named it The Kitypult. CATAPULTS!!! The End... What is the MA? How much work was done? MA= Out/In Work= F*D If I was to put 10N of force on the arm and the bean bag went 5m then the amount of work done would be 50J. If you input 50N of force and the Catapult output 90N of force then the MA would be 1.8.
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