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Why A Ladybug has Spots

No description

samantha welch

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Why A Ladybug has Spots

Why A Ladybug has Spots

"Okay everyone i want each student to show me their bug and tell me why they chose it," said Ms. Foot.

The first student stood up and said, " i chose this bug because it has these sweet black and yellow stripes like my favorite football team."

"I chose this bug because it has a million little dots for eyes." said another student.

the teacher then asked the students, "Who chose this little ladybug?"

Nobody answered.

"Maybe it jumped in their by accident." answered another student.
Then the bell rang and all the students were loading up on the buses to go home and tell their parents about their day at school.

"Wow, wasn't that fun!" said the Bumble Bee.

"yeah, cant wait till they come back tomorrow!" replied the fly.

"How about you Ladybug, didn't you have a fantastic time?" the Bee asked.

the Ladybug answered, "Not really, they didn't like me, I'm not cool looking like you guys."

"Well, were going to have to fix that." said the fly.

"My name is Phrankie, how about you guys?" asked the Fly

"I'm Buzz." replied the Bumble Bee.

"and my name is Lucy, Lucy the Ladybug."

"hmm, maybe you could have stripes like me!" said Buzz

"Hey, not a bad idea, lets try it" said Phrankie.

Buzz walks over to the kids painting center and grabs some black paint and paints stipes on Lucy.

"There! what do you think?" asked Buzz.

Lucy looked into the mirror and smirked, "hmm not bad!" Lucy said.

Lucy felt pretty cool with her new stripes and strutted around the room showing them off, until she wasn't watching were she was going and fell into the sink, and all the stripes washed off.

On a beautiful school day, Ms. Foot took her 3rd grade class out to catch some bugs that they would keep as their class pets. Once all the kids found their bugs, Ms. Foot and her class all went to the classroom to see all the bugs they caught.

"Maybe we can give you more little eyes like me." said Phrankie.

"we can try it" answered Lucy.

So Phrankie went over to the craft section of the class room and picked some glue on eyes out of a jar and stuck them on near Lucy's real eyes.

"man, these are heavy." said Lucy

But Lucy was excited for her new eyes and strutted around the room. She was so happy until she fell over because the eyes were so heavy.

"i dont think these will work." said Lucy
"I'll just have to except the fact that I'm not unique."

Lucy then went to her cage and cried and cried for many hours, because of how depressed she was, these wierd black dots appeared on her back.

"wow, what are these?" Yelled Lucy

then some voice answered back,

"These are yours to keep, now you are unique. be happy.

Lucy did not say a word, she was just happy with her uniqueful dots.

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