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Cell Is Like A Basketball Team

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Brian P

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Cell Is Like A Basketball Team

A Cell Is Like A
Basketball Team
By Brian Peh
Smooth ER
Rough ER
The nucleus is like the coach because it controls the entire system of the cell while the coach controls the basketball team.
Nuclear Membrane
Protein are like the points scored in a basketball game because they are a product of the cell, just like the points are a product of the game being played.

The Ribosomes are like the offense of a basketball team because the offense produces points just like how the Ribosomes synthesize proteins.
The Rough ER are like the referees of the game because the Rough ER modify the the proteins and the referees modify how the players play. For example, they call fouls that may determine how aggressive a player plays.
The nucleolus is like the point guard because the nucleolus contains most genetic material that determines the cell's function, while the point guard makes the play call that determines what the basketball team does in a situation.
Nuclear Membranes protect the nucleus and what goes in and out of it just like the person in the game that sets screens protects the point guard from the defender.
Cell Membrane (Plasma)
Cell Wall
Golgi Complex (Apparatus)
Vacuole/ Central Vacuole
The Cell Membrane regulates the material that comes in and out of the cell. The ticket table is like the Cell Membrane because it only allows a certain amount of people in.
The Cell Wall gives the cell structure and is the place where all of the cell's actions occur. The gym is where a basketball game takes place and is where the actions of the basketball team happen. Therefore, the Cell Wall is like a basketball gym.
The scouts for basketball turn information about the other team into strategy's to defeat the other team when they play them, much like the Mitochondria converts chemical energy into usable compounds.
Lysosomes are like basketball plays. Lysosomes break down macromolecules. The plays break down the defenses from the other team.
The Peroxisomes and defense are similar. The Peroxisomes break down toxic material like how the defense tries to break down the offensive plays.
The Golgi Complex is like the assistant coaches because they both have multiple jobs. The Golgi Complex has to modify, sort, and package proteins and liquids. The assistant coaches have to scout, play in practices, and keep statistics during the games.
The Vesicles hold many substances like organic molecules or excess water. This is like a water cooler holding water for a basketball team.
The Vacuoles are like the concessions. The Vacuoles store materials for later use. Concessions store food and drinks to sell at game to the spectators.
The Cytoskeleton of a cell keeps the structure of a cell while it helps the cell move. The Bus is like the Cytoskeleton of a basketball team because the bus moves the team form game to game and keeps them all together while traveling.
The Cytosol is like the gym floor because the Cytosol is the liquid component surrounding the organelles and is everywhere in the cell. The floor is everywhere in the gym and is where the game is played.
The DNA is like the team's play book. The DNA has the hereditary information, similar to how the play book has all of the team's plays.
The Smooth ER is like the trainer for a team. The Smooth ER keeps the cell running and healthy. The trainer does the same for the players. If the players get hurt the trainer helps them recover.
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