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Betting on a Kew Gardens BID

No description

Zam M

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of Betting on a Kew Gardens BID

We need a business alliance to keep Kew Gardens from failing—Grace Ankar, owner of the Potter's Wheel
Kew Gardens needs a Business Improvement District (BID)
How to inform the community
Maps + Charts
Thursday, December 17, 2015
By Zameena Mejia
Over the past five years, the streets of Kew Gardens' unofficial financial district have been blighted with abandoned storefronts

Can Kew Gardens get a BID?
Faces of Kew Gardens
Getting Kew Gardens on the map
In 2015, two new business owners renovated three storefronts into a bakery, a natural juice shop and a vape store. What is Kew Gardens missing?
Kew Gardens residents don't understand why their businesses aren't being supported by the city

The unofficial Kew Gardens commercial district
Queens BIDs assessment values
Queens BIDs
Assessment values
BIDs across Queens
ex: zoom in of Sutphin BID
An interactive article with a story clarifying the role of a BID, maps with the locations and impact of other BIDs in Queens, and a news video
An interactive map that allow residents to hover over BIDs across Queens and read that respective BIDs specs (assessment value, year established, number of retail businesses, etc)
A bar chart that measures all the Queens BIDs assessment values to determine the most and least successful BIDs to ultimately implement best practices in Kew Gardens
A map that details current businesses, how long they have existed, which business previously existed there

This will help idenitfy trends in which types of businesses last the longest and help contextualize whether a BID makes sense here
Queens has considerably less BIDs than Manhattan and Brooklyn because it's primarily residential
Example data
Kew Gardens business owners complain residents don't shop locally enough to keep businesses alive
A 3-minute news video will be embedded in the article to give residents an understanding of the struggles business owners are going through
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