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Kelly Miller

No description

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Kelly Miller

Kelly Miller
by:Vanai Walker
Blue classs

Personal Background
Mature lifestyle
Additional info
The major contributions to the field of mathematics is that Kelly Miller taught alot of kids mathematics.Mathematician life can teach us about our world by persuading other kids to be a mathematician just like Kelly Miller.

Miller,Kelly.1887.Math Projects.middle school math.Nov 22,2013 from www.math.buffalo.education.com

Kelly Miller was in Winnsboro,Sc in july23,1863 and died in December29,1939 in Washington D.C. Kelly Miller contributions is that he was awarded a scholarship to study math but, he had to take a 3-year course covering Latin. I wanted to know how he even became a mathematician sociologist.
Kelly Miller was a sixth of ten children.Kelly Miller hometown is Winnsboro,South Carolina.Kelly Miller lived in Winnsboro South Carolina.The school he attended is Howard University.Kelly Miller early Mathematical interests was that he studied Latin and mathematics taught by James Monroe. This postion has been opened to Kelly Miller by Pendleton Civil Service Act of 1883.He was appointed a professor of math at Howard University.
Adult education
Kelly Miller went to John Hopkins University.He also enrolled as a graduate student and was awarded masters degree in math in 1901.Kelly Miller other education was that he was a Prolific Writer.
Kelly Miller married Annie May Butler.Kelly Had 5 kids named May, Irene, Paul, Newton and Kellyjr. Kelly Miller home life was that he was the first African American student admitted Johns Hopkins University.Kelly Miller homelife was that he was the first African American student admitted John Hopkins University.Kelly Miller really did not have any hobbies or interests.
Mathematical Career
Some of Kelly Miller accomplishments were that he was employed a mathematics teacher at the M Street High in Washington D.C. Another one was that he was served as a professor of mathematics at Howard for 5 years in 1895.Kelly Miller really doesnt have any notable discoveries.Kelly Miller persons influence during mathematical career was at Howard University where his professors of Latin and history.
Kelly Miller was a leader at Howard for most of his tenure there, his national importance derived from his intellectual leadership during the conflict between the "accommodationism" of Booker T. Washington and the "radicalism" of the nascent civil rights movement led by W. E. B. Du Bois.
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