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Skulduggery Pleasant

My favourite books!!!!!!

E'lyna Do

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Skulduggery Pleasant

Skuklduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy #1 Skulduggery Pleasant(or
The Scepter of the Ancients) #2 Playing with Fire #2 Playing with Fire #3 The Faceless Ones #4 Dark Days #5 Mortal Coil #6 Death Bringer #7 Kingdom of the Wicked Skulduggery Pleasant Birth: 31st December 1906
Death: The War
Magic: Elemental
Faction: The Dead Men
Weapons: Revolver
Titles: Prime Detective,
Skeleton Detective Valkyrie Cain Names: Valkyrie Cain,
Stephanie Edgley,
Birth: August 1995
Magic: Elemental,
Weapons: Necromancy Ring
Titles: Detective,Death
Locations:Ireland, Haggard Tanith Low Birth: 11/08/1918
Magic: Adept
Weapons: Sword
Titles: The Terrifying
of London
Location: Unknown Ghastly Bespoke Birth:02/07/1906
Faction: The Dead Men
Titles:Elder, Tailor
Location:Ireland China Sorrows Birth: 1905/1906
Magic: Symbols, Adept
Faction: The Diablerie
Location: Ireland Thanks For Watching!
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