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The role of collaboration in human services

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Sansharay DeCaul

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of The role of collaboration in human services

Presented by Team A
Sansharay Stele
Andrea Smith
Shenta Woods
February 02,2015
The role of collaboration in human services
Describe the roles of human services
Collaboration relationships between organizations produce benefits greater than those achieved through individual effort.
To build networks for sharing information following up on referrals , and to provide and receive feedback
To help promote community change by working with a network of individuals, agencies and clients
Teamwork Quote
"Unity is strength.... when there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved"- Mattie Stepanek

The Role of Collaboration in Human Services
To promote the social and economic well-being of the individual and families they serve.
To develop and deliver the comprehensive coordination services that clients are in need of
Many clients seek services from serval different agencies due to multiple problems
Identifying the roles of human services
Case Manager
Asses clients needs and give proper coordination and referrals
Social Worker
practice based profession and an academic discipline that promote social change and development.
Grief Counselor
A grief counselor refers to a specific kind of therapy or a focus in general counseling with the goal of helping the individual grieve and address personal loss in a healthy manner.

Purpose: To help individual work through feelings, thoughts and memories associated with the loss of loved ones
Juvenile Probation
provides services and monitors juveniles who are involved in the criminal justice system.
Substance Abuse Counselor
Demanding a form of community outreach that requires patience compassion and a keen desire to help others who in crisis.
Home Health Aid
Provide in home care for patients who can't fully take care for themselves. They assist elderly , disable mentally ill, and/or terminally ill. Families bring home health aide in when the job becomes to much to handle.
Explaining the collaboration in Human Services and how it promotes economical change.
Public assistance programs serve as an economic safety net for the low income families and individuals helping them meet basic needs for food, shelter and health care.
Explaining the collaboration in human services and how it promotes political change.
Explaining the collaboration of Human Services and how it promote social change.
It may be complex, but social problems require multiple providers to effectively address the difficult issues communities face
When agencies and individuals are seeking services work together to provide the family or individual with steps to take in order to accomplish self independence.
When human services and other agencies collaborate to reduce cost among families or individual.
Outcome data that reinforces the benefits of collaboration practices
In order to promote change there is a need of collaboration within agencies
Learn about your community and how what human services can provide for you!!
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