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Complete sentences

No description

Erin Brady

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Complete sentences

A complete sentence MUST have a subject and a predicate Predicate = what is being done (include the VERB) Subject = who/what is the sentence about / doing the action Example: The car hit the tree. "The car" is the subject of the subject of the sentence. It is the what the sentence is about. "Hit the tree" is the predicate. It describes what is being done in the sentence. The book that changed my life. If a sentence does not have BOTH a subject and predicate, it is not a full sentence (commands are an exception). Not a full sentence! No respect. Ate all the tacos. Not a full sentence! Not a full sentence! There is a cow in the field. Are the following complete or incomplete sentences? Her green bike. Rest is good for you. The cave was filled with bats. Running quickly and silently. Yams and lambs. Grass grows in the field. Ninjas in the huge castle! The field's grass is green. Green grass and pink earthworms. The pirates and ninjas were best friends. Were attacking the pirates. Surprise parties are always fun. Snakes can eat mice. Most kids that eat junk food. The mouse down the street. Remember, the verb is the word that causes some action or describes a state of being. The predicate is not the same as the verb. The verb is only one word, but the predicate can be many words. Let's find some subjects and verbs! Pigs love mud baths. Cows give us milk Horseracing is fun. My cat's favorite toy is a string. The trouble with Eddie was that he never listened. The hairs stood up on the back of her neck. The sweater I'm wearing is my sister's. Raisins and nuts are an important component of trail mix. Adam Sandler is the most annoying human ever. Journal #3 How does Kristie Helms "show" rather than "tell" in "The Girls of Summer: Lazy Days from a Gen X Childhood"? How does it make the story more interesting? Use specific examples. How is "The Girls of Summer" a good example of an effective essay about a personal experience? Title? Focus on a personal experience? Supporting details that show rather than tell? Paragraphs that each have one main idea? Grammar, spelling, and punctuation? Readable? Interesting? Purpose? Introduction and conclusion? Read "Our Perfect Summer" pp. 130-137 Homework:
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