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No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Linnea

Chapter 4
The depression of her father's death finally gets to Frances while she is playing her harmonica. She sits on her bed thinking about her father's suicide. She calls him a coward and says that it's not fair. Later that night, Frances asks Junius about the hobo life. Junius tells her again and again that the hobo life just isn't for her. He promised to visit her in Chicago with her aunt, but Frances doesn't listen to a word he says. She still believes this life is meant for her.
Chapter 7
Frances realizes that she's not alone in this boxcar. She soon finds out that the fifteen year old boy Stewpot is another hobo that has been riding the rails for about three years. She introduces herself as Frankie, a 12 year old boy. She shares all of her food with him as they ask each other quetions. She earns the name 'Frankie Blue' for the way she played her harmonica. She plays until she could hear Stewpot snoring.
Chapter 1
Frances Elizabeth Barrow wakes up to the sound of a gunshot in her father's room. The servants try to keep her from know what has happened. She soon figures out that her father killed himself because he had lost all his money due to the depression. She is now an orphan.
Chapter 2
Frances wakes up the next morning thinking the death of her father was a horrible dream. She realizes that everything was true. The lawyer at the bank comes to tell Frances and the servants that the house and everything inside will be sold. Frances is told that she is to live with her Aunt Bushnell and leave the very next day. The servants have no where else to go. Frances is very overwhelmed by all the changes in less than 24 hours. Everything was so predictable to her until now.
Chapter 5
Frances obeys Junius' orders at first and heads to the train station, but soon after the porter shows her her seat, Frances gets off the train and redeems the train ticket saying that she forgot something. Another porter calls her a cab. As soon as the porter leaves, Frances jumps out and starts running. She doesn't even know where she's going.
Chapter 6
Frances finds the train yard and realizes that she has just acted as a distraction for two other hobos when the guard notices her. She soon finds a shop where she can find clothes that will make her look like a boy. When she notices her hair won't fit in the cap, she decides to cut it with her tiny sewing scissors. She goes back into the train yard and hides, picks the train and car she wants and waits until night. When she finally gets into the car with a guard behind her, she notices that actually feels relief.
Chapter 3
Frances is told that she may take only her personal items with her, nothing else. All she wanted was her books and harmonica. When she is sitting with the servants for lunch, Junius, the gardener, says that he has made the decision to be a hobo, riding the rails, looking for another job. When Frances suggests that she should go with him, every servant tells her that hoboing is not for a young lady as herself. She has a life waiting for her. Why would she throw that away?
No Where to Call Home Timeline
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16

Frankie comes to realization that she must relieve herself in front of Stewpot. She runs to the bushes so he doesn't realize she's a girl. Stewpot takes her swimming. Again, she must deal with the challenge of hiding her gender. She takes everything off except the undershirt and underwear she bought. She thinks she's hiding it quite well. They soon come across a 'jungle'. Wait a second! Are those Girls?
For the first time, Frankie meets other girls while on the rails. She finally sees her first jungle with Stewpot and other hobos there including the frills (girls). Her and Stewpot are sent to pick up supplies for supper. She starts her first job to pick potatoes in a field. They are even given lunch. The farmer starts to blame Hoover because of the stock market crash. This makes Frankie think about her father once more. Frankie and Stewpot were allowed takes however much potatoes, cabbage, and apples that would fit in a burlap sack.
Three more hobos join the jungle that night. She has her first taste of 'mulligan'. Conversations vary from food, how they get food, bulls, and stories of their advetures across the country. Peg-Leg Al shows off his new wooden leg. Frankie finishes off the night with playing a couple popular songs on her harmonica before she falls asleep herself.
Frankie wakes up the next morning with the three new hobos and her bag gone. When Dot comes back with the bag, all of Frankie's silver items are missing. Everything she valued, gone. She learns that many of the frills on the rails got out because they had to get away from harmful families. Stewpot and Frankie decide they are going to head west to see the country. Anywhere but Chicago.
While Stewpot and Frankie are looking for food from shops they are called "bums", Frankie overreacts and yells at the butcher. Stewpot shows Frankie how to negotiate prices. He ends up helping Frankie buy a pocketknife for a few cents. When Frankie offers to give Stewpot the rest of the money that she was going to pay for the knife, Stewpot refuses and tells her that if something ever happened to him, she would need that money. They go into a tobacconist's shop and pick a few empty cigarette boxes.
Frankie and Stewpot decide they are going to try to go west without
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