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LGBT Online Identities and Queer Fan Creativity

No description

Kristina Busse

on 26 November 2017

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Transcript of LGBT Online Identities and Queer Fan Creativity

If it were a male and female character in these scenes would you assume they were going to do the do at some point?
* access to information
* ability to connect
* find community
* see yourself represented
Media Fandom
Fan Zines
For me and for others I know, fandom has been a queer space that ultimately extended into our real lives. (Cat)
Online Fandom
Usenet: alt.startrek.creative;
Mailing lists and personal websites
Archive of our Own
LGBT and Media
Bending Race&Gender
Celebrating Queer Fandom
Online Communication
F/F: Femslash
Thirtysomething (1989)
L.A. Law (1991)
Why Women Slash
* men only real characters
* 1 guy good; 2 guys better
* creating equal relationship
[E]xploring my attraction to women through fan fiction felt natural. It felt safe. ... there was a comfort in reading this stuff between characters I already knew, characters who’d all been living seemingly straight lives, just like me. (a.)
[A]fter I discovered femslash, I finally knew what I really wanted and who I really was. (w.m.)
The act of writing and sharing slash can be just as hot to me as actual
sex. (Robert)
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