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Reading Intervention Professional Development Plan

Scholastic READ 180 Intervention Program

Lindsay R Scott

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Reading Intervention Professional Development Plan

Reading Intervention Professional Development Plan
Based on READ 180 targeted classroom-driven indicators: Small-Group Instruction and Modeling/ Independent Reading
By: Lindsay R. Scott

Reading Intervention Professional Development Plan
The reading intervention professional development will target areas of focus while incorporating areas of success. The professional development courses will be categorized based on the following area:
Data-Based Instruction for Small Groups and Independent Reading.
The goal for implementation with fidelity in all classroom-driven indicators is
80% or above
implementation percentages by 2015-2016 school year.
Thank you!
Data-Based Reading Instruction for
Small-Group Instruction and Modeling/Independent Reading
Teachers will be able to incorporate data-based instruction for all subject areas which will better service students based on their academic needs and weaknesses.

With Teacher Dashboard, teachers will be able to access student data to:
differentiate instruction
organize flexible groups
plan small group lessons using rBook
utilize data from READ 180 assessments
reading level/placement (Scholastic Reading Inventory) results
incorporate independent reading in small-group instruction
incorporate READ 180 software learning zone results in small group instruction
Incorporating System 44 Software Data and Independent Reading with Small-Group Instruction.
Teachers can utilize the READ 180/System 44 Software Student Dashboard in small group instruction and modeling/independent reading.

Student/Teacher Conferencing and Goal Setting
• Use texts based on students’ interests and genres in small-group instruction
• Use independent reading paper books, audiobooks, and ebooks in small-group instruction
• Create and customize interactive lessons using System 44 software to incorporate in small-group instruction

Utilize READ 180 Assessment Data to Differentiate Small-Group Instruction
Teachers will be given effective use of assessment strategies along with methods of collecting data to differentiate small group instruction. Assessments used within READ 108 and System 44 software can provide teachers with reliable data.

• Universal Screening & Progress Monitoring Assessment
• Ongoing Diagnostic & Formative Assessment
• Writing Assessment
• Curriculum-Based Interim & Summative Assessment
• Performance-Based Assessment
• Assessment Drives Instruction & Practice

Utilize READ 180 Teacher Dashboard
Now that teachers have assessment results and reliable data, how do teachers utilize the READ 180 Teacher Dashboard to plan lessons, organize flexible groups, and differentiate instruction?

Helps build capacity of effective teachers and leaders.
Encourages data talks in professional learning communities to analyze student reading performance.
Planning small-group reading instruction that continues to help students achieve at higher levels.
Incorporating READ 180 rBook in Small-Group Instruction
The rBook is the cornerstone of READ 180 instruction, providing a clear instructional path for teachers to use in Whole- and Small-Group Instruction.

• Anchor Video
• Academic Vocabulary
• rBook Readings 1-3
• Stretch Text
• Extended Writing
• 21st Century Projects
• Summative Assessments

Scholastic READ 180 Online Training Zone
Scholastic offers a full range of online support tools and professional development to help educators and school leaders deliver effective reading intervention to struggling readers.

Student/Teacher Dashboard,
READ 180 Program Assessments and Utilizing Data
rBook Small-Group Lessons
Effective Modeling/Independent Reading Strategies
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