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Using blogs in the classroom

Using blogs in the classroom

Oriana Miano

on 1 June 2012

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Transcript of Using blogs in the classroom

Using BlOGS in the classroom What is a BLOG?
Why use a BLOG?
Examples of BLOGS used by teachers How to...
Tips and Pointers
Workshop 06/07/10
Oriana Miano and Maree Woods
Freeman Catholic College, Bonnyrigg Heights NSW Great way to show progress through a task
may be used as a 'how-to" guide for your students (eg. modelling skills}
means of communication between students (monitored)
Easy to integrate external links (urls, as well as videos, animations and photos)
entries are date-stamped (chronological) Blog is short for "web Log"
like an online journal (used by individuals)
entries are date-stamped (chronological)

set up a blog using Edublogs identify the purpose of your blog
choose the site that's right for your/your class' needs
check settings carefully to enable you to monitor students' usage of the site http://fccmodern.ning.com/ http://shortcomp.edublogs.org/ Happy Blogging!
Good luck getting started! https://freeman.presentlyapp.com/home
A big thank you to Louise Speke (FCC), Kelly Bauer (Paramatta Marist)
and Michael Ienna (FCC) for permission to show examples of their
great work!
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