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The Does and Donts of Presenting!

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Jordan VonStein

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Does and Donts of Presenting!

What to do when Presenting 1.) Smile If you smile, then the audience might smile as well which could make you feel more confortable when presenting. 2.) Move You should move around, then the audience will probably pay more attention to you. 3.) Be Yourself When you are presenting to an audience you want to
be sure that you are telling the truth and most of all just be yourself. What not to do when Presenting You want to try and look at the audience as much as you can without looking at your slide or paper the whole time.
Example of what good presenting
skills looks like. Do not mumble If you mumble then your audience will for sure become bored to death. Be sure you speak loud and clear so that your audience can hear you. Don't read directly from your paper/slide. How to use Prezi! You can do many different things with prezi, such as rotate text, change font color, put frames around anything, and much more! First thing to do! Before you can start experimenting with Prezi, you must make a Prezi account. The Tools The write tool. This has two rings and a circle in the middle. Each ring is as labled. If you click the circle one time it will allow you to move the text or picture. The ring that the arrows is pointing to allows you to rotate what you want to rotate. This ring allows you toincrease or decrease the size of an image or anything else. How to insert a text box! The way you insert a text box is by double clicking anywhere on the page. You need to select write, which is located in the toolbar. How to insert a file! Go to the insert part of your toolbar and click it. then click load file, it should display your files on your computer that you can upload. How to change the colors and fonts! On your toolbar click the circle that says colors & fonts. Once you have clicked it you can choose between many different types of themes. How to insert a frame and add a path. Go back to your toolbar and click frame to insert a frame into your presentation. If you want to add a path, you click the circle that says path. Then you click the add button as so. Be brief and try not to write a paragraph on your slides. Try to just put your information in bullet form. Do not use to bright of colors because if you do it may not be very easy to see on a background that is bright also. DO NOT RELY ON YOUR PROGRAMS TO AUTOSAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure that you frequently check to see how your presentation looks when you play it all the way through. Thank You For Watching :)!!
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