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St. Lawrence 3 Bodies of Water

No description

Sandy Tong

on 21 July 2017

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Transcript of St. Lawrence 3 Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water:
How does water shape ways of life in this region?
Here we go!
Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Lowlands Region
Bodies of Water
From the name of this region, what would you expect the major bodies of water to be?
The Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Seaway
Thinking Question: What effects do you think building the Seaway might have had on people's ways of life, the environment, and communities?
Welcome to Georgian Bay - home to over 30 000 islands!
let's Tour the 1000 islands by air...
...and by water!
Read p. 35 with a partner
How do the ways of life in the town today reflect its unique history?
and speaking of water...
when you think of the Great lakes - St. lawrence lowlands region, what famous water landmark comes to mind?
A short drive from kingston to Niagara falls - let's go!
what is hydroelectricity?
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