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Why are animals going extinct

No description

Celia Kovalak

on 8 November 2011

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Transcript of Why are animals going extinct

Water Pollution
Land Pollution
What would happen if we could not go outside because of the land has become slimmy, gooey and runny with smelly rotten mud and animals are rotting causing the air to smell of decay?
Land pollution can lead to many different environmental issues like extermining plants and animals. It can disrupt nature causing animals to go where they normally would not go. The pesticides that are used can kill animals that are in the surrounding area and vegatation.
Even though people pay for expensive sewage system in Chicago, billions of gallons of "bacteria-laden sewage and storm runoff" is still being put into Lake Michigan.
"Chicago Tribune 1"
It is shown that between 2007 and 2010, 19 billion gallons of nasty disease-causing, marine life killing water was put into the Lake. The lake is the place where 7 million people get their drinking water from and fish to eat.
Chicago Tribune 1
The Deep Tunnel project was supposed to keep the
sewage and storm water from going into the Lake Michigan.
The tunnel is completely functional but when it rains a lot, the flood control reservoir is not even completed yet, even though the construction of the tunnel has been started for years already.
It's Complicated.
What are you
breathing right now?
The Gulf oil spill;
what was lost?
The causes of water pollution.
Air Pollution

Panda's habitat is being destroyed due to deforestation and fragmentation of habitat.
WWF and Pandas International
The food source of panda's is dying off do to people cutting down the bamboo that the pandas eat.
What is being done to protect these animals is that a panda is the WWF's logo. On top of that many people see them as cute and wish tof help them out. There are many different reserves that are just for the pandas, like in China.
Rise Against
Ready To Fall
"Every action has a reaction,
We got one planet, one chance."
If dolphins disappear then it would cause and imbalace in the food chain. The food that the dolphins eat would grow and overpopulate the ocean and the food that the dolphin's food eat will eat up their food; causing a huge chain reaction.
Reasons for the dolphins status is that dolphins and tuna follow the same routes and as a result when the fishermen go out to catch tuna they also catch dolphins. Another reason is pollution.
The Cove shows us how off of the coast of Japan countless numbers of dolphins are being killed by the thousands every year and it is not a mercy killing either, then the mercury from the dolphins is getting into the food and water supply.
The causes of land pollution
To China Pandas represent
peace and friendship.
The California Condor is the largest bird in America.
The reasons for their endangerment was lead poisoning, poaching and loss of habitat.
Laura Evans and Jeff Miller
In order to protect the species of condors, organizations have put them into captive breeding which has help to bring up their population numbers. Not much awareness is done to let people knnow about the birds do to the fact the no one would care to help them due to how ugly they are.
The causes of air pollution
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