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IRHR Presentation Group 1

Morgan Motor Company

marsha widjaja

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of IRHR Presentation Group 1

IRHR 1001
Managing The Organisation Case Study 1
Morgan Motor Company Morgan Motor Problem or Issues

Change aversion
Human resources
sales & marketing Problem or Issues tutorial group: B3
tutor: Nisha Barka
Date: Monday, 15 November 2012 Group 1 Sughan Rao Rama Rao :c3171859
Marsha Gianina Widjaja :c3160435
Jessica Jayasaputro :c3151824
Chaoqun Jiang
:c3159378 Unwillingness towards
Changes Key issues Top-Down Change
Bottom-Up Change
Product Innovation
Process Innovation Theories Problem Solving Conclusion Lyons, P. (1999). What Morgan for the millennium?. Autoweek, 49(45), 20.
Olson, P. (2009). Classy Chassis. (cover story). Forbes, 183(7), 72-74.
Robbins, S.P., Berman, R.., Stagg, I., & Coulter, M. (2012). Management, (6th ed.). New South Wales: Pearson Australia.
Schermerhorn, J. R., Davidson, Poole, Simon, Woods, Chau (2011). Management, (4th Asia Pacific ed.). Australia: John Wiley Sons Australia, Ltd.
Vella, M. (2007). Morgan: British Tradition for the Road. Businessweek Online, 17. Reference List Question & Answer Session Background H.F.S Morgan, 1909
Started up in Malvern, it still runs as a family business
Morgan Motor cars are mostly hand made
very first model was a three wheeler car
which was very successful in mid 1920's and remained popular in 1950's
In 1935 a four wheeler modal was introduced
In 1989 they upgraded to a 3.5 litre v8 engine
Their demand were high an Morgan declared that the waiting list is 4/5 years
After the Second world War, 85% of their production were exported
Morgan Motor were making a huge sum of money but their profit were only 5-9% rather than 20% (1989) Production:
Hire more qualified engineer or workforce, in addition, innovation creativity for design and structure. Provide training for existing employees and the manager should make better planning of production.

Human resources:
Worker needs to be paid more bonus and incentives according to their level of output.

Change aversion:
Communication in the meeting frequently and exchange thought and idea during meeting. complacency
loyal customers
family traditional values
close minded External:

Information technology
Design development and technology

Design Development and Technology:
should be more open to let new changes
use more machines in production, ( lowering labor cost & increasing the output level)
advancement in technology so that the production of cars will be better. Problem Solving
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