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Master Data Management

No description

Anastassia Zhigalova

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Master Data Management

Master Data
Edisoft Master Data Management Platform

Aleksei Dobrõshman
Kaspar Hioväin

different price groups support
campaign prices support

poor quality of data due to manual preparation of the information;
high complexity of processing master data;
low speed of the information updating;
errors in the master data have a high cost.

Since 1999 on the IT-market.
(EDISOFT has been providing its services on It-sphere since 1999)

EDISOFT provides:
safety and security
electronic data interchange

Vendors are able to compose, manage and send personal offers to retailers.

data standardization;
a one-time data input;
minimization of errors;

built-in validation checks:
retailer-specific validations
market-specific validations
range validations, format validations

data uploading directly into the accounting system.

Product information interchange TODAY
(without Master Data)

Assortment and price synchronization process is too long and complicated.
Vendors have to support different product catalogue formats for different retailers.
Inaccuracy of data in retailers’ catalogues, since catalogues are not kept up-to-date by suppliers.
Product information interchange
Edisoft® Master Data Management Platform (EDI Master Data)
technology allows obtaining the detailed information about all product's attributes as well as validation the product against the pre-set criteria.

The EDI Master Data
system speeds up the information exchange, ensures better data quality and conformance to
GS1 standards.

Process is divided into two phases:
The current situation
EDISOFT solution
Assortment synchronization
Product cards synchronization between suplier and retailer
Product codes synchronization: GTIN/EAN, supplier/retailer product codes.
Price synchronization
The process of creation, transfer and confirmation of price offers.
Master Data synchronization
Product catalogue
opportunity for suppliers to create, manage and maintain their Product Catalogues in a centralized location

notification system

detail product description
Data pool
detail information about product (support over than 500 attributes):

logistic information
marketing requirements
technical parameters
handling requirements
price information
certificates and images
Price Synchronization
EDISOFT is an EDI service provider and system integrator in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russian Federation.
Offering and price synchronization
EDI Master Data price synchronization module

Offering and price synchronization
EDI Master Data price synchronization module

Retailers on their side are able to review the offered items and decide whether they accept or deny it for further processing and import/export.

Retailers would be abl eto request additional information from vendors by adding a comment to each item.
GDSN Certification
Offer management: retailer side:

categories managment
export in XML or Excel
additional reporting and reminders
flexible search system
The GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) connects trading partners “via a network of interoperable GDSN-certified Data Pools”, thus allowing trading partners to exchange reliable master data.

The GDSN certification:

ensures compliance with GS1 standards
gives access to global data
confirms the quality of the product

EDI MasterData testproject

Data regular updates.

The possibility of the products classified in a standardized way ( GPC ).

Automatic data movement.

Data quick and flawless delivery.

Quality and compliance with GS1 standards.

Data validation.

Automatic alerts and reminders transmission ( e.g, information of missing data , updates on product map , etc ).
Simplifies and speeds up the transmission of information by suppliers and avoids duplication of data entry (automatic product data export chains in a suitable format ).

As a result try to achieve a result more accurately and automatically transfer and update product catalogs .

Potential advantages of MD
automating the process of validating, distributing, receiving, and maintaining key product information in one single point.
data loading into information systems, eliminating manual input
increasing the data providing speed
providing a single, consistent, accurate source of product information from all suppliers by any type of product.
reducing time and costs of new product launch and maintenance.
ensuring a high level of data content quality through numerous automatic validations
reducing errors resulting from inaccurate or out-of-date product information.

In September 2013 ,
Selver and Edisoft
decided to start with MasterData testproject . In the moment work is currently underway, from which first part of the selection of suppliers and product catalogs adaptation of the chain requirements .

Selver's main goal is to identify that this solution makes the product data management easier and more efficient .
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