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Crisis communication and social media: the perfect match?

Presentation by Aurelie Valtat

Aurelie Valtat

on 23 October 2011

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Transcript of Crisis communication and social media: the perfect match?

CRISIS "your mum
just called:
get back to
her asap COMMUNICATION SOCIAL MEDIA the EUROCONTROL volcanic ash story Day -100 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 7 Day 30 Day 100 change? crisis change! Some figures:
from 300 to 3,000 followers in 3 days
from average 1 tweet per day to 100 tweets
from 4 questions in 4 months to 200 questions a day
a question every 2 min
online from 9am to 12pm Some figures:
from 2,000 to 4,000 fans
mostly aviation community
boom in visitor engagement consolidation "We love you guys at Eurocontrol: you rock!"
A follower live Twitter sessions audience segmentation viral campaigns mobile revolution passenger focus spread the burden Crisis communication and social media roadmap Crisis
planning Negative groundswell Assessment /
monitoring Crisis
response Public
relations Before During After tools behaviours tactics "You don't care about how many people like your brand - what you want is that they LOVE it"
Brian Solis exercise monitor manage engage 1. listen to conversations listen to the conversation listen to the conversation 2. establish your social media presence 2. establish your social media presence 3. demonstrate interactivity 1. listen to conversations 2. establish your social media presence 3. demonstrate interactivity 1. listen to conversations 2. establish your social media presence 3. demonstrate interactivity how to choose your channels? social media monitoring tool multi-publishing tool PR 2.0: play on their field 1. web statistics 2. social media statistics demonstrate change be authentic be there
be connected
be fast be in tune
be simple
be human
be careful be fun
be live
be honest 1. add social media to crisis communications plan

2. Define editorial approach

3. Speak the language of social media

4. Train social media people and their back-up "I want my life back"
Tony Hayward, BP CEO vs. http://simpliflying.com/2009/perfect-storm-jetblue-versus-southwest-on-twitter-real-incident/ people organisation media how many people? social media people are media people language skills? approval process? social / mainstream media
virtuous loop "you lose, you learn" transparency and partnership on-line or off-line? social media challenge how you work as an organisation and change your corporate culture Social media CHALLENGE how you work as an organisation and change your corporate culture what? how? who? when? Pharmaco A rumour spreads on the Internet according to which Pharmaco would have bought contaminated Chinese baby milk stocks and reused them in the baby milk they sell to maternity hospitals in Europe. This rumour originates from a whistleblowing site and is relayed on the blogs of several influential scientific bloggers / online journalists.

The rumour is unfounded. However, Pharmaco did buy baby milk stocks in China in the past year, but the company confirms that have not bought stocks from the Chinese companies accused of selling contaminated milk.

Mainstream media report the alleged facts and consumer associations in Germany, France and Sweden publish the list of maternity hospitals supplied by Pharmaco in their countries. Fri 15/4 10am Publication of 2 scientific blog articles accusing Pharmaco of the above.

Sat-Sun 16-17/4 pm Publication by daily newspapers in FR, DE and SE of articles relaying alleged selling of contaminated baby milk (journalists called the company over the weekend but no reply from press office)

Mon 18/4 6pm Rumour starts spreading on the Internet and hospital directors start calling Pharmaco headquarters to ask about what to do with Pharmaco milk stocks.

Tue 19/4 9am Pharmaco CEO, not fully agreeing with the strategic guidance of his corporate communications team, gives an interview to European press in which he accuses TDS Pharma, their main competitor in Europe, of organising this rumour. He denies that Pharmaco has any link whatsoever with Chinese contaminated milk.

Tue 19/4 4pm An employee of Pharmaco posts on his Facebook profile an invoice of the company showing that they purchase baby milk in China and questioning the CEOs honesty. The document spreads on the Internet.

Wed 20/4 8am Consumer associations publish lists of maternity hospitals supplied by Pharmaco in FR, DE and SE, and recommend that consumers bring their own baby milk according to the principle of precaution.

Wed 20/4 10am Groups are created on Facebook and on various online health forums for distressed parents to exchange opinions and accuse Pharmaco of negligence.

Fri 22/4 3pm An independent laboratory hired by the German Ministry of Health confirms that the milk supplied by Pharmaco to German maternity hospitals is not contaminated. The first 10 min will be dedicated to the presentation of the crisis exercise. The purpose is to imagine Pharmaco’s crisis communication response in line with the above scenario.

Three groups will be created before the breakout session with the following roles :
1 Ministry of Health official;
1 journalist;
1 consumer ;
the rest being part of the corporate communications team, with one rapporteur During the 30 min breakout session, the groups will have to imagine their crisis response at every stage of the scenario and if possible, use Facebook and Twitter to demonstrate their response at one point in the scenario (ideally on Wed-Thu in the scenario).

To this purpose, it is recommended that the groups use the fake Facebook page and the fake Twitter accounts created for the purpose of this exercise (logins and passwords to be distributed at the beginning of the breakout session). The 20 min feedback exercise will allow each group to briefly present their main strategy for responding to this crisis situation and their recommendation for avoiding the current scenario. The last 10 min will be dedicated to linking back to the social media crisis communications roadmap and invites participants to explore the notion of crisis response with a new look. http://www.facebook.com/pages/crisis-comms-test/166477863410217 twitter.com/crisiscommtest
password: mynewsdesk stay connected! avaltat
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