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British Imperialism in India Before 1858

No description

Erin Petersen

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of British Imperialism in India Before 1858

British Imperialism in India India was and remains enormous and
extremely diverse. People of different faiths, including Muslims and Hindus lived on the subcontinent for centuries. India was divided into different castes , several principalities, and language groups. European merchants, like the British East India Company, expanded their influence over India. Resistance Indian Rebellion of 1857 Three principal armies: Bengal, Madras and Bombay Economic
Social Causes: Opening of the Mutiny Elsa Greathed Before 1858 Kanpur Massacre "Resolution" Following the collapse of a large dynasty, the Brits conquered areas of India and removed European competitors. Several Indian principalities had mutual agreements with the British. The East India Company traded a variety of goods.
Can you guess which ones? The British took opium grown in India and
sold it in places like China. The "spark" British atrocities Rebellion spread 19th Century Drug Dealers?
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