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the great Tom Sawyer

No description

Lo-Ann Cousins

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of the great Tom Sawyer

The Adventure of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. Is tom a really likable character or maybe he's not Is Tom Sawyer
a likeable character ? Even though Tom Sawyer acted in both negative and positive ways, he's likeable because he has done a lot of good deeds for his family and people in his home town. The trickster.
Tom Sawyer may seem to be a trickster sometimes. Tom plays a lot of tricks on Aunt Polly because he thinks she will never find out what is going on, but she does eventually. Tom tricks the boys into white washing the fence. He tells them that it's fun white washing and this is the only chance they will ever get to white wash a fence. They even pay him for the right to white wash.The boys finish the fence while Tom sits there and eats Ben's apple. "Tom Sat on a Barrel in the shade eating Ben's apple-and planning a new trap." Tom Sawyer may seem to a liar but he's really not. Tom lies for a reason. It's because he doesn't want Aunt Polly to get upset or mad, but eventually she does get mad and upset, because he lies too much. And she just wants Tom to tell her the truth. "Well, so we did. so we always do. I'm glad your dreams could take even that much trouble about us."and i dreamed that Joe Harper's mother was here"p.98. third paragraph. Tom is a gentleman but some people think he's not. Tom takes the beating for Becky Thatcher the girl that he admires in school so much. Becky broke tom's heart, he was trying to impress her buy doing cartwheels and hand stand but Becky said that"Humpf! some people think they"re mighty smart always showing off!" P.71 at the bottom. Tom Sneak off with is heart broken".p.13 Tom was at the graveyard, he was the victim of the murder of Doctor Robbins. Tom try to help Muff Potter from getting arrested. At the court house when Tom was about to tell the truth Injun Joe throw the knife at Tom he almost got killed, every one was in shock the judge ask tom were you there"yes sir. I went there behind the elms that's on the edge of the grave".p.135 The liar The nice and caring one. The scary night.

because Becky said that he was being a show off. Tom told Joe and Huck he was going to the island to stay so that he can do what ever he want to without Aunty Polly telling him what to do . Joe went because his mother beat him for the cream. The boys escape without their parents knowing where they are.Tom always want to be a pirate so he can be the ruler of the ship,But their trip turns out to be a really bad trip, because they all got home sick. "After breakfast the meal they felt rusty and stiff jointed, and a little home sick once more Tom saw the signs,and fell to cheering up the pirates as well as he could". p.101 bottom section. Tom escape to Jackson's island This is a picture of Tom Sawyer the trickster and the one who play jokes on all of his friends and family. Tom started out as a bad character he turns out to be good in the end that's why he a likeable character. by: Lo-Ann Cousins Tom escape to Jackson's Island with his friends. conclusion
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