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Suggested K-12 approach to Cyber Safety

A presentation outlining my approach in teaching parents as well as my students about Cyber Safety

Jennifer Cronk

on 3 March 2012

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Transcript of Suggested K-12 approach to Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety
For Parents Sexting Cyber-Bullying Predators Social Networking Chatroulette
“When a minor uses technology as a weapon to intentionally target and hurt another minor, it’s ‘cyberbullying.’” –Parry Aftab
Victims Tyler Clementi Online culture A Multifaceted approach to teaching Cyber-Safety 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade Building on exisiting Empathy
Controlling the flow of information
The Three Little Cyber Pigs Adventures
The Netiquette Podcast
Opening a closed Social Network to demonstrate skills
Using the Ning Social Network for an Ancient Rome project Cyber Bullying movies and personal stories
Cyber Predators
Facebook security
Controlling the flow of information
Poster Project & video project
Game Construction Cyber Bullying victims
Cyber Predators- real life scenarios
Sexting and real life consequences
Facebook, formspring
Social aggregators-Spokeo
Created Podcasts on topics
Used Vuvox to create content Students do not want parents to know! The Parent Connection Transparency is key! If you want a safe culture then...

you need to teach the parents too. Step one, open up communication Google Group The group was designed to send lessons home to teach parents. There is a section of my website that can not be navigated to. The only way to see it is to navigate from the Google Group. Every lesson on Cyber Safety was sent to my Google Group, then the lesson, videos and discussions were posted on the website. Geo-Tagging Embedded Technology projects
Google Doc Research Papers
Intellectual Property
Sharing and collaboration
Ning Romeo and Juliet Project (TMI, Digital Footprint, Netiquette)
Music creation and publishing (Piracy)
Weebly student portfolios (Digital Footprint, S.E.O)
PSA Cyber Safety Videos for the Middle School classes High School Problem- How do you effectively teach Cyber-Safety and Digital Citizenship K-12? 1. Zero in on the themes to be taught first
Compassion/empathy (Bullying)
Self respect/ showing your 'best self ' (TMI, Sexting, Predators)
Publishing work (Intellectual Property)

2. The themes that are necessary for effective Cyber Safety curriculum transcend technology. A little about me...
I have worked in the field of Educational Technology since 1995
I have integrated technology K-12
I have taught academically in elementary, middle and high school
Become familiar with a few tools.
Teach online safety online! (publish work)
Pick one, or two per class or grade level
Become an expert
Teach another
Next year tackle a new tool
Suggested list of tools:
What is missing? Step one, open up communication 2. Send lessons home to parents Send media home that is too strong for the class Discuss Current Trends Show real-life examples Above all, share what you know. Share Solutions
Google Alerts
Monitoring Software
Tools like "Missing"
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