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Role 4

No description

hser blumoo

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Role 4

Mesopotamia Project
Question 1:Explain one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world known as the ''Hanging
Gardens of Babylon''
Hanging Gardens of Babylon- It was built around 600 B.C by the Babylonian king, Nebuchadrezzar ll, near by the Euphrates river in modern day Iran. It was said that the gardens were planted as high as 75 feet in the air, and it was built for king Nebuchadrezzar's wife, Amytis' homesickness when she missed the natural beauty of her home land in Media (the northwestern part of Iran). Modern scientists have decided that for the gardens to survive, the people would have to irrigated using a system that consist of a pump, waterwheel and cisterns to carry water from the Euphrates river up to the plants many feet up in the air.
Question 2:Illustrate and label 4 inventions from Mesopotamia. Explain the
importance of one these ancient inventions.
Wheel Writing Calendar Sailboat
Question 3:What is cuneiform? Which civilization invented it? Spell your name
using Cuneiform. You can draw it or use the printer to print off your name.
Cuneiform is a wedge-shaped writing, and it was invented by the Sumerians.
Question 4:What are the different classes of people in ancient Mesopotamia?
There were Priests who were powerful, the Upper-class, who were rich, the Lower-class, who were not rich, but had homes and lived comfortably, and there were the slaves, who worked for the king, temple, and wealthy.
Question 5:What is a Ziggurat? What was its purpose? Include a picture.
A Ziggurat is a temple, that was built to reach the powerful gods in the sky that the peoples believed.
Role 4
Writing is important, because writing lets us get a job in this present day, it lets us write rules and laws for safety, write signs, and many other things that have to do with writing. If we didn't have it, we wouldn't be able to talk to each other from far away distant, let us know what we should do and not to do, and warn us about dangers without speaking.
Thanks to the websites in Teacherweb.com.
Lucas Patak Nat Par Lend
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