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Trends 2011 - Nissan

No description

Lucas Black-Dendle

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Trends 2011 - Nissan

MOBILE The rise of Internet TV will allow users to browse stream and use apps on their TV. Google TV, Apple TV, the Boxee Box and Roku are just a few of the players in this space. WEB GROUP BUYING GAMIFICATION Brands will start to employ game mechanics, such as points, leaderboards, random rewards and progress bars to increase brand loyalty and engagement. BANNER ADS Look for a rise in banner ads that do more: showcase live video; let users bookmark, or 'like', the ad for later viewing and redemption. Groupon and Living Social, came into the mainstream in 2010, and will continue throughout 2011.

These sites utilise group buying power to create value for both the consumer and the business.

Businesses offer a deal to consumers and if a certain number of people sign up for the offer, then the deal becomes available to all, if the predetermined minimum is not met, no one gets the deal that day. Scanning barcodes and QR codes with smartphones will become ubiquitous, utilised for everything from in-store communications, print and outdoor. Location-based advertising will continue to grow in 2011 with the combination of GPS enabled smartphones, and Facebook expanding its location platform, Places. In addition to Facebook, many other players in the check-in space, including Foursquare, Yelp, Shopkick, and Google. 3D Printing and the ability to customise books, shoes and t-shirts cheaper and easier. TRENDS 2011 INTERNET TV MOBILE
TAGGING Periods of downtime from technology to satisfy longing for human analogue interactions and activities. The movement toward sharing and renting large, expensive or often-idle objects from cars, bicycles to luxury handbags. OWNER-LESS CUSTOMISED
DOWNTIME TRENDS SOCIAL TRENDS SOCIAL PRODUCTS One of the applications of mobile tagging is virtual communities forming around real-world items as people start attaching digital content such; videos, links, audio and text to physical objects. We’ll start to see Near Field Communication (NFC) chips in Android phones and iPhone 5 which will allow phones to act as digital wallets and tickets, as well as wirelessly send photos and documents. NFC As brands become increasingly comfortable with social media on the whole, more budget and attention will be focused on high quality content created specifically for the social web. SOCIAL BRANDS LOCATION LOCATION MOBILE PAYMENT Uniqlo, a Japanese retailer, developed a banner campaign that work like instant-win lottery tickets. Clicking the ‘switch’ turned the images on any site into Uniqlo instant win tickets, with losing tickets remaining as banner ads. A widget was also offered to blog owners for their sites, allowing them to share in the winning opportunities – and to spread the campaign and message on the brand’s behalf. 1. Collecting
2. Points
3. Feedback
4. Exchanges
5. Customisation 5 Game Mechanics Game mechanics can make an interactive experience more fun, compelling and addictive. Phones could “tap and go” using infrastructure already in place for credit card systems such as MasterCard’s PayPass program or Visa’s payWave. NFC enabled phones could also replace existing customer loyalty cards and coupons. 3 categories of trends in 2011 Location based advertising works by specially tailoring information for the place where users access an advertising medium These mechanics are used in many existing online platform such as Ebay, Flickr and Youtube. Groupon is the fastest growing company of all time, generating $500 million revenue in under 2 years. In late 2010 Google offered to buyout Groupon for $6 billion however the offer was turned down. Sites like stickybits enable anyone to attach content to any object with a barcode by scanning it with their smartphone. Bridging the gap between the real world and the digital world WEB MOBILE SOCIAL NIKEiD is a service provided by Nike allowing customers to personalise and design their own Nike merchandise. Customisation of personal products, such as shoes can help strengthen the consumer/brand relationship. Although these types of services have existed for years (libraries, laundromats) they are gaining new relevance and appeal because technology is enabling them to provide choice and convenience. Scientists anticipate that when people constantly keep their brains busy with digital input they’re forfeiting downtime that could allow them to better learn and remember information, or come up with new ideas. BMW has recently launched a site called BMWActivatetheFuture.com which was created to get users actively involved in the ever-evolving conversation on the future of mobility.

A series of 4 documentaries called “Wherever You Want To Go” is the first release under BMW Documentaries—a new franchise dedicated to crafting original, thought-provoking and entertaining content. 8 AUTO INNOVATION STORIES 1. FIAT – ECO DRIVE Creating an Eco Movement Eco Drive analyzes your journeys and converts your driving info into simple stats around fuel efficiency, c02 and money saved. Compare your results with any Fiat driver in the world and see the difference you’ve made.

Google Maps – Send to Car 2. Google Maps – Send to Car 3. BMW – iPhone Dashboard IDRIVE 3. FORD FIESTA Ford is using its new Fiesta car to demonstrate that cars can be mobile Internet devices. It’s sending two Ford Fiestas, loaded with high-tech applications and University of Michigan students, on a road trip.
4. Volkswagen – App my Ride Invites VW drivers to create their own app.
Volkswagen Toyota on Twitter Toyota Goes Social Toyota Swagger Wagon The promo is Number 2 in the Ad Age video viral chart
6. Mercedes – Pre Safe Innovation The Mercedes-Benz safety feature, "Pre-Safe," is a collision warning system that anticipates oncoming hazards.
Generation Benz To reach Gen Y consumers between the ages of 16 and 33, the company started Gen-Benz, an online community among so-called "digital natives" who grew up with the Web. The company recruited owners and non-owners alike within that cohort to engage with them in an online community.

The company will offer testing fleets for every new vehicle launch so Gen Y members can test the vehicles and talk about them on YouTube and other social media.

The lessons are that marketers will be amazed at the length to which customers will go to help the brand if they feel like insiders.
7. AUDI – Tablet integration Audi A8 - taking the fast lane onto the World Wide Web:

* First factory-installed WLAN hotspot in a car
* Wireless access for iPads, laptops & netbooks
* Secure encryption, stable connection 8. Honda – the mobility company Documentary series around Honda’s Asimo robot project Honda positions itself as a “Mobility Company” and links world leading Robot technology with its breakthrough car tech, e.g. anti-lock brakes. Simply click send…

Simply click send…
Apple user interface within an BMW driving experience:

Dedicated Youtube Channel The trip is the culmination of a year-long project -- American Journey 2.0 -- with the university, supported by Microsoft and Intel, offering a group of UM students a chance to define the future in-car experience.
5. Toyota Audi A8 goes wireless with iPad In this presentation:

/ What are the key trends for 2011 in Web, Mobile and Social

/ What are leading automotive innovations using digital

/ What does these innovations mean to Nissan? What are leading automotive innovations using digital? What does these innovations mean to Nissan? (Discuss)
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