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1880's Education

Investigation Prezi

patrick Whitfield

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of 1880's Education

1880's Education Patrick Whitfield During colonial times schools were much different than ours today. Some of the major differences were the discipline rules, the look of the building, and the lessons. During the 1880's, schools discipline roles where much different than ours. In today's schools you would get written up or sent to the office for a talk. Back in that time there was a stick in the front of the classroom that the teacher used to hit knuckles, palms, and your bottom! Also, during that time period, there lessons included tongue twisters, spelling words and basic math. It is no were near compared to what we do currently. In today's world, we have buildings for schools filled with many classrooms and teachers. During the 1880's, it was just one little house with one classroom and one teacher. The teachers during this time would usually have troubles because there was a wide variety of age differences in the classroom. The education overall during the 1880's was very poor and much different than what we have today. During the time Helen grew up was when these schools were made. Schools were smaller and stricter during this time. Sources http://www.arps.org/amhersthistory/nas/school%20during%20colonial%20times/colonialschool.htm http://www.ellisisland.org/immexp/wseix_5_3.asp http://americasbesthistory.com/abhtimeline1880.html
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