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The Gestapo~Kaitlyn

No description

Kaitlyn Green

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of The Gestapo~Kaitlyn

By: Kaitlyn Green The Gestapo Pros and Cons The Gestapo was the official secret police of Nazi Germany. Gestapo was the abbreviation for Geheime Staatspolizei and was under the administration of SS leader, Heinrich Himmler from April 20th, 1934 on. From September 1939 forward, the Gestapo was administered by the Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA), the Reich Main Security Office, and was considered a sister organization of the Sicherheitsdienst; the security service. The Gestapo was significant because they captured people, and they made sure that the people didn’t break the laws. Introduction to the Gestapo The Gestapo In Action A Video on the Gestapo Quiz Time!
When was the Gestapo formed?
a) 2005
b) 1984

The Gestapo in German was what?
a) Geheime Staatspolizei
b) Nein
c)Auf Wiedersehen
d) NA

What did the Gestapo normally wear?
a) coyboy hats and uniforms
b) sweaters
c) black coats and slouch hats
d) German Flag shirt with jeans Multiple Choice True or False The Gestapo was in control of the concentration camps
True or False

The men are very highly trained
True or False

They were not prejudice and they treated everyone the same
True or False Fill in the Blank The Gestapo was the __________ police of Germany.

________ Himmler initially created the Gestapo in __________ 1st Event that Occurred 4th Event that Occurred 6th Event that Occurred 3rd Event that Occurred 2nd Event that Occurred 5th Event that Occurred The Gestapo was formed in April 1933 and headed by Hermann Göring And then Heinrich Himmler initially created it in 1943 Hitler authorizes Himmler to centralize the concentration camp system under SS leadership. Himmler named Reinchsführer of SS and head of the German police in the Ministry of the Interior In 1936 it was combined with Germany's regular police force June 22, 1941
Nazi Germany invades the Soviet Union. The Gestapo supported by the military and by local auxiliaries begin to systematically shoot Soviet Jews. Answers to the Quiz Multiple Choice
1) c.

2) a.

3) c.

True or False
1) True
2) True Fill in the Blanks
1943 The Gestapo By: Kaitlyn Green Pros Cons The men in the Gestapo were highly trained.
The men in the Gestapo were loyal.
The men in the Gestapo were specialists.
They protected whoever was in charge (Goering, Hitler) They would take innocent people to the concentration camps.
They were very prejudice people,
They thought they were the elite class of people, and they wanted the world to revolve around them.
If people would refuse to go to the concentration camps, they would kill them right then and there.
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