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Info Graphics for the Small But Mighty

No description

Bekah Greenwald Speck

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Info Graphics for the Small But Mighty

Visual representation intended to present information quickly and clearly
They can be very useful, but only when used advantageously.
What is the Results System?

Imagine a framework that easily conveys the science behind how we, as human beings, create results. What if you had the tools, techniques and turnkey solutions that allow you to take advantage of this framework quickly and easily? What power and possibilities could you create for yourself and your internal and external clients? The Results System™ provides the framework, tools and solutions that raise the bar and drive results.
Info Graphics for the Small But Mighty
We literally threw this together.
It changed how we view our future.
1. Brainstorm: What constitutes an infographic?
2. What are the important things to consider for your uses and purposes?

3. Best practices, as derived from our discussions and your vision.

4. Freedom of creation.
2. What are the important things to consider for your uses and purposes?


KISS me you fool!
Same rules apply
add value
be authentic
Tips for great success:
3. Best Practices
South Africa, Germany, China, USA
4. Freedom of Creation
know/draw first
use what you already have
show and tell
Some websites to help you:
copy inspiring designs
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