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Sir Francis Drake

No description

Rachelle Beerens

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Sir Francis Drake

A Journey Around the World Sir Francis Drake Sir Francis Drake During his Childhood Sir Francis Drake was born between 1540 and 1544 in Tavistock, Devon, in England.
He had 12 younger brothers.
Francis was 9 years old when his family left Devon.
He went to work for a sea captain at a young age.
He quickly became a sailing master at the age of 20.
His ship master died and he gave the ship to Francis Drake. First Expedition Drake and his cousin, John Hawkins, had to sail to Africa to take part in the slave trade.
They then navigated to Spain to sell their prisoners.
They were betrayed.
Spanish warships attacked the fleet and destroyed many of the ships.
Drake and his ship Judith were able to escape. A Short Summary About His Journey Around the World He was chosen to command a journey.
A lot of the sailors died from disease.
The fleet traveled around the world.
His leading ship was the Pelican.
The Queen was proud at him and knighted him. During the Violent Storms The ships started to traverse the strait of Magellan.
Violent storms passed.
One of the ships called the Elizabeth had to return to England. Friendly Native Americans Sir Francis Drake was an explorer and he had to travel around the world. His journey started in Europe. He managed to travel around the world and he completed his mission! Life As a Married Man Sir Francis Drake married twice.
Unfortunately his wives never saw him.
Sir Francis drake did not have any children. Mary Newman Elizabeth Sydenham By Cathal, Hans, Camiel & Rachelle Spain Returning from the New World Drake wanted revenge on the Spanish people and traitors.
The Spanish considered him as a pirate. To the English, he was a hero.
He turned out to be a rich English man.
Queen Elizabeth the first noticed his success and decided to help him. Queen Elizabeth the first The Pelican The Spanish Armada The king of Spain had enough of the pirates and the Queen of England.
The King assembled the Spanish Armada.
His plan was to take over England.
They did not think that they had a chance to win.
Drake had a fantastic idea.
The English eventually attacked! He continued to attack the cities in Spain.
He returned to England.
In 1596, he was aboard the Defiance.
The tropical disease dysentery struck him.
He died and he was buried at sea. The End of His Life In the year of 1577 he left port with a fleet of 5 ships.
He was the captain of the largest ship in the fleet.
This ship was called the “Pelican”.
Sir Francis Drake was famous for his circumnavigation of the world.
The voyage was mainly funded by lords. His Famous Voyage He funded the voyage with about £10000.
That was quite a lot back then.
These organizations for funding were common in the middle ages. The Organization John Winter They discovered California.
Drake then sailed Northwards.
He was searching for the elusive Northwest Passage.
He gave up searching.
He became friendly with the Native Americans. Land in Sight The Golden Hind began her voyage across the Pacific Ocean.
They sighted land.
They arrived at the East Indies.
the Golden Hind struck a reef.
The Golden Hind kept sailing. When the English people arrived at the East Indies. Sir Francis Drake Drake and his sailors completed the mission.
They traveled around the world.
There was no public celebration of his achievement.
Queen Elizabeth knighted Sir Francis Drake. The End The fleet continued slowly along the coast of Chile.
He arrived at Callao, the harbor of Lima.
The Spanish colony was left defenseless.
He was brought news that a treasure ship had left the port and went after it.
They overtook the vessel. A Treasure Ship The coast of Chile Credits Biography: Rachelle Beerens Information About The Journey:





Speech: Cathal Walker Camiel Leake Hans Auer Rachelle Beerens Rachelle Beerens Rachelle Beerens Thank you!
We hope that you enjoyed...
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