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Two way tables

No description

Mark Duffy

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Two way tables

L.O. To be able to interpret two way tables and fill in missing values.
Two way tables
Its normally helpful to have a total column.
Two way tables are a way of presenting information.
Sometimes we have to fill in the gaps.....
Due for Monday, you need to complete the two way table worksheet that is on moddle.
Worded questions....
On an activity day students play one sport.

They play football or hockey or tennis.

120 students are on the activity day.

30 of the students are boys.

12 of the boys and 26 of the girls play hockey.

45 of the students play football.

35 of the 45 students who play football are girls.

Work out the number of girls who play tennis.
Now your go.....
How many people had a blue fountain pen?
How many people had a black ballpoint pen?
How many people had a Fibre tip pen?
How many people had a black pen?
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