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Regions of New Jersey

No description

Sharon Holsten

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of Regions of New Jersey

Appalachian Ridge and Valley
Highlands Region
Central Corridor/Piedmont
- piedmont = "foot of the mountain"
Atlantic Coastal Plain
Regions of New Jersey

- Northwestern New Jersey
- Appalachian Mountain Range
- Kittatinny Mountains- Lenape word meaning "big mountains"
- Industrial Region- Dover was a mining center
- Recreation Center- ski areas, Lake Hopatcong
- lies on a plateau- large, high, nearly level area of land
- 3/5 of the state's area

- hilly, with some high mountains
- long, narrow chains of hills called ridges
- weathering and erosion have changed
the surface over many years
- Sunfish Pond: a small glacial lake
- many large rivers: Hackensack River, Passaic River
- urban area- industries, transportation center,
cities, Paterson, Newark
- suburbs- smaller communities, commuters , Princeton, Secaucus
- covers only about 20% of NJ, but over 50% of state's population
- Inner Coastal Plain- lowland, fertile soil,
farms (Garden State)
- Outer Coastal Plain-
- salt marshes, pine forests (Pinelands), rural area, low population, underground reservoir
- Jersey Shore, barrier islands, Atlantic City, Cape May
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