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Why AFL SportsRead by Asif Akbar


Arshad Alam

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Why AFL SportsRead by Asif Akbar

a suite of professional support services for both:

AFL SportsReady
Young job seekers
Partners / host employers

(12 months)
(12 - 24 months)
(1 day a week; 12-24 months)

Enable young jobseekers to gain:
N (nationally recognised)
(entry level roles)

to soar like an eagle
Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program, Warumilang, represents the support and opportunities created for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through quality education and employment. We nurture the development of our Indigenous employees, while building trusting relationships with our partners.
'In 2015, over 225 Indigenous Australians were employed by
AFL SportsReady, accounting for over 25% of our workforce'
All trainees receive personal & career mentoring
Our reconciliation journey started more than a decade ago. We have been working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities since 2000 and have a genuine commitment to sustainable employment pathways.
The AFL SportsReady model provides support that leads to sustainable employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
Focus on leadership & interaction with community
A united Australia where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s heritage, cultures, histories, and connection to communities and country are acknowledged and celebrated.
A fair Australia where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have the same opportunities and access to education, training and employment as other Australians.

Supporting AFL Players transition into and out of the AFL Industry by providing an extensive suite of support services:

Professional Development

Our students can benefit from our exclusive partnerships with the following universities, by receiving:
We now have university partnerships in every state across Australia.
> Contribute to organisational objectives
> Value add to the workplace
> Fresh perspective

We connect our partners with young talent:
> Trainees
> Partners / host employers
> Various industries
Our partnership approach aims to create positive outcomes for:
Delivering a suite of professional support services, we simplify the process of hiring & managing entry level employees
Our profits create more
opportunities for young Australians.
Whilst we share a strong history and association with the AFL, we operate independently.
> Meaningful on-the-job traineeships
> Strong education qualifications

> Dedicated field officers
> Indigenous mentors

We match young trainees with our partners
Are an employment model where young jobseekers get paid to work and study at the same time, and is a combination of:

A meaningful, high quality practical work experience placement
Provides a real insight and experience into the world of work
Vocational education, with study options: Certificate II, III, IV & Diploma level.

STUDENTS: YEAR 10, 11 & 12
GAP year (Year 12 School Leaver)
Missed out on UNI / TAFE placement (deferred)
Break into a competitive industry
Not sure what to do so they
'try before they buy'
Paid employment model
Trainees work with partners on-site, but remain legal employees of AFL SportsReady
Community leaders to inspire trainees
The transition from elite sport to the workforce can be difficult for all professional athletes and FL SportsReady helps prepare AFL players transition into life after sport, by developing the skills required to succeed beyond their sporting career.

During retirement, players are faced with a unique set of challenges, including changes in their personal, social and occupational lifestyle. The Next Goal Suite of career development programs aims to prepare players for those challenges that every player must eventually experience.

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