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Stage 4 Technology - Information Kiosk

Design and create a presentation on Stage 4 Technology for the curriculum at UGC

Nabeela Ghaznavi

on 9 September 2012

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Transcript of Stage 4 Technology - Information Kiosk

STAGE 4 TECHNOLOGY Introduction to Stage
4 Technology Technology Assignment - Information Kiosk
By Nabeela Ghaznavi 8G Unit 7.1 - Who Am ? Stage 4 technology is the work for the curriculum of Year 7 and Year 8 students in Unity Grammar College. It is the different units and assignments being developed in technology. Units that are included are: Who Am I, Desk Accessory, Room for Improvement, Ramadan Calendar, Information Kiosk and How Does Your Garden Grow. The project was to create a PowerPoint presentation that had to be all
about ourselves; Who Am I? Skills learnt were how to add different PowerPoint
features, special effects and do background research. Pro's were that the rest of the class got to know me better, so did I and the Con's were that PowerPoint was a skill we
already had and we didn't learn much. The feedback given was all good and the overall
presentation received good marks and went well. Here is an example of one of the
presentations. Unit 7.3 - Room for Improvement The project was to design our dream room with everything designers use. Using Google Sketch-up students designed the room and then built a model using recyclable materials and tools. Skills learnt were how to design a room like a real designer, use Google Sketch-up, and how to use recyclable materials to create room features. Pros were students got to think about/design our dream house, and then build it according to our liking. Cons were Using Google Sketch-up took a while to do and marks were deducted if models weren’t completely the same. The feedback was all good. The model built was like the design as well as the Sketch-up and items were built well, full marks were awarded. Here are a few pictures of the results. Unit 7.2 - Desk Accessory This Adobe Photoshop CS6 - the program used
to design and create our Ramadan Calendars Pros were it was fun and creative, we used Photoshop which is modern and easy, we had Ms Qadan teaching/helping us and we got to keep our own calendars. Cons were that only 1 calendar won and the times and or dates weren’t accurate so it probably couldn’t have been used. The feedback was great, especially because I did well and got 100% for my overall and the final result looked excellent. The project was to create and design a calendar for the Islamic month of Ramadan using Adobe Photoshop and skills we’ve previously learnt. Skills learnt were how to use Photoshop to create what we wanted, as well as edit photos and make proper designs, and also identify good quality photos and make relevant style decisions according to our themes. Unit 8.1 -
Ramadan Calendar Here is an example of one of the calendars: It was designed by Nabeela Ghaznavi Unit 8.2 - Information Kiosk The project was to create a presentation using the Prezi
program that presents Stage 4 Technology and all its units
that parents and others could watch to learn about what we have
been learning. Skills that were leartn are how to
use Prezi, use different programs and or features to make learning interesting and doing personal research. Pros are that Prezi is easy to use, and it made learning fun, and really simply and we got to recap on all the learning we have done so far in year 7 and 8. Cons are that it took a while to collect all the necessary information and everything else. The feedback is still unknown as we haven't finished it yet.
The prezi is the example. :) This is polymer clay The task was to create a desk accessory we designed to help people keep their desks organised using polymer clay. Skills learnt were how to shape, cut and bake polymer clay and use recyclable objects and items to create something new and use them to our advantage. Pros were it let us be creative and design, gathered experience in clay work and baking it and how to use recyclable items to our own advantage. Cons were gathering items took hard searching, shaping clay took long, and getting everything to be the right shape and bake without breaking was difficult. The feedback was good and bad. Some of the shape had distorted during the baking stage and it wasn’t according to the original colours due them being sold out but overall it became useful. This is one of the final products. These are different
views of the room This is a full shot of
the room designed Unit 8.3 - How Does
Your Garden Grow This unit is a group work
task which includes students growing seedlings,
produce and evaluate ideas, as well as calculating if it is a
sell-able product. The students also have a budget of $15. Skills learnt
are growing plants and evaluating and using spreadsheets. Pro's will be
learning how to grow and looking at business skills and Con's would be bad team-work
problems, etc. The result is unknown but previous workers have
successfully grown the plant and have gotten good results. Here
is a picture of some seedlings in which we have to grow. This is Stage 4 Technology, At UGC Thankyou for Watching By Nabeela
Ghaznavi 8G
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