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azat ruziev

on 24 July 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Our lovely Kyrgyzstan!
Kyrgyz Republic is a beautiful country located in Central Asia. Landlocked and mountainous, Kyrgyzstan is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east.
The national language is Kyrgyz and second official language is Russian! The total population is about 5,6 million!
Our Unitary parliamentary Kyrgyzstan is divided into seven provinces :
Flag of Kyrgyzstan
Emblem of Kyrgyzstan
The coat of arms of Kyrgyzstan was adopted on 2 June, 1992, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The coat of arms has a circular form and mostly bears the color blue, as light blue is the Kyrgyz color of courage and generosity. To the left and right of the coat of arms, wheat and cotton are displayed. In the upper part, the name of the country appears in Kyrgyz Respublikasy!

It is a red cloth. The center posted a picture of sun-yellow. At Sun posted a symbolic image of Kyrgyz yurta.

Adopted in 1992, the red flag symbolizes the valor and courage. The sun symbolizes peace and wealth, and the image yurta - a symbol of the country and the world.

Anthem of Kyrgyz Republic:

Are our native, holy land.
Our fathers lived amidst the Ala-Too,
Always saving their motherland.
Come on, Kyrgyz people,
Come on to freedom!
Stand up and flourish!
Create your fortune!

We are open for freedom for ages.
Friendship and unity are in our hearts.
The land of Kyrgyzstan, our native state,
Shining in the rays of consent.

Come on, Kyrgyz people,
Come on to freedom!
Stand up and flourish!
Create your fortune!

Dreams of the people came true,
And the flag of liberty is over us.
The heritage of our fathers we will
Pass to our sons for the benefit of people.

Come on, Kyrgyz people,
Come on to freedom!
Stand up and flourish!
Create your fortune!

The country's climate varies by region. The climate is subtropical in the Fergana Valley and
temperate in the northern foothill zone. In the valleys, the average daily temperature
in July is 28° C (82° F). In January daily averages are as low as -14° C (7° F).
The fauna of Kyrgyzstan includes about 80 kinds of mammals, over 330 kinds of birds and 30 kinds reptile and amphibious.

In Issyk Kul lake in different years are delivered from various places a pike perch, Sevanian trout, and also bream, a carp, tench, a crucian, white-fish. 49 kinds of fish live in Kyrgyzstan, including introduced species. Carps are the most numerous kinds of . The most traded fish are Chebachok, Chebak, the mountain osman, marinka, sazan.

In Kyrgyzstan , rare and disappearing kinds of animals and plants are recorded in the red book . Mammals: the Snow leopard, Dzheiran, the Red wolf, Manul, Tien – Shanian brown bear, etc. Kowtowing: a grey monitor lizard. Birds: the mountain goose, bustard, a golden eagle, balaban, etc. Plants: Semyonov’s Fir, Persian Mountain ash, Greyg’s Tulip, Kolpakowskiy’s Tulip, pink Tulip, etc.
The President is elected to one six year term and is not eligible for second term. Under the new Constitution, the same person may not be elected as President twice. The acting President of Kyrgyzstan is Almazbek Atambaev. Prime Minister is Soronbai

Legislative power is exercised by Parliament - Jogorku Kengesh. The Parliament of the Republic Jogorku Kengesh is unicameral and consists of 120 deputies elected for five years, according to party lists.

The government
I was born in Issyk-kul region in little town Karakol!
Journalistic (Kloop.kg)
Some different activities
One part of my life
My family
My family is not very big and very small, it is include my father, mother, a little sister and me.
It is very pleasant, when you can do good things!
I have been started write news for school newspaper and now I'm writing news for informational web-sait Kloop.kg
In my opinion the education it is the main part of our life and the future of the world. I'm very happy to study in special class in gymnastic school in Bishkek #4!, where afternoon I can practise of journalistic job every day!
I like swimming, walking to the mountains, reading books, watching TV, going to the sports, have fun with friends, different other things and I would like to spent my time with maximum useful!

There are two moveable feasts based on the Muslim calendar – Orozo Ait, the day of Sacrifice and Kurman Ait, which marks the end of Ramadan.

Jan 1st – New Years Day
Jan 7th – Orthodox Christmas
Feb 23rd – Army Day
April 7th - Revolution Day
Mar 8th – International Women’s Day
Mar 21st – Nooruz
May 1st – Labour Day
May 5th – Constitution Day
May 9th – Victory Day
Aug 31st – Independence Day
Nov 7th – Anniversary of the October Revolution
Kok-boru – involves two teams of horsemen fighting for the headless torso of a goat or lamb :)
Kok-boru was banned in Kyrgyzstan in the 1950s but enjoyed a revival in the region in the early 1990s and currently boasts about 800 kok-boru teams.
65 % Kyrgyz
15 % Russian
12 % Uzbek
2.5% German
5.5% others

In Kyrgyzstan there are representatives from more than 80 different nationalities!
is a modern city with vast squares, crowded bazaars, impressive administrative centers, and educational institutions. As the major industrial center of the republic, Bishkek's factories produce leather goods, agricultural machinery, and a variety of textiles.

The native Kyrgyz are traditionally pastoral nomads. Due to extensive Russian colonization in the 1900s, Russian settlers were given much of the best agricultural land. Kyrgyzstan became part of the Soviet Federated Socialist Republic in 1924 . Kyrgyzstan proclaimed its independence from the Soviet Union on
Aug. 31, 1991.
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