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No description

zack violette

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Minecraft

what is minecraft
Minecraft is a lego based game
On minecraft you can build this fight mobs
You can fight zombies,skiltens,spiders,endermen,
You can travel to the nether or the end
What is the object of minecraft
The object of minecraft is to build anything and if your on survival you need to survive
There are different modes there is xbox,computer,creative and survival
You can play minecraft on xbox and computer
and the computer it is an update ahead of the xbox
On creative you can build any thing you what and you have unlimited materials
On survival you have limited material and you have a life bar and if all of the heart are gone you die and you have a food bar and if that food bar is gone you start to die
In multi- player you can help the other players build thing or you can fight players and if you kill them you can take there things that they had
There is allot of different minerals so here is some to name a few dirt, cobblestone, gravel, stone,oak,birch,pine,jungle wood,wooden planks sand,gold, iron, diamond,red stone,bedrock,cole
The dangers of minecraft are skeletons , creepers, zombies,spiders,endermen,slime, silver fish and in the nether there are zombie pigmen, gas, blaze, magma cubes,
The animals on minecraft are pigs, cow, sheep, wolf,chicken,ocelot,squid,
The plant of minecraft are yellow flower,red flower,cactus ,furn,trees,dry bush, tan mushroom,red mushroom, grass, wheat, pumpkin,watermelon,coco beans,
This is the nether if you don't know
This is the food bar and the bar next to it is the health bar

And fight the ender dragon
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