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Africa Venn Diagram

No description

Tyler Maxon

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of Africa Venn Diagram

Final Project
Major Resources
Major Resources
People want to visit Italy because it is an important fashion es and it is home to famous works by Michelangelo, BotticellI and da vinci.
Also it has the oldest museum in the world.
Italy imports crops like grapes,potatoes, sugar beets, corn, rice and olives. Also is known for producing wine and cheese
Most of the country is mountainous. The po is the longest river in Italy. Has Three major volcanoes and home to many beautiful lakes.
Italy has a president and a prime minister. The president is in charge on the military. And the prime minister leads the government.
The main religion is Italy are Roman Catholic.
Fans go to huge stadiums to watch the matches. After winning matches fans dance in the street and honk horns for celebration.
It has a Gold Museum that holds 33 thousand gold objects. Columbia is named after Christopher Columbus. It is also the home of the City of lost Gold.
Catholicism has been the main religion in Columbia. Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitution.

The Central region is filled with mountains, valleys and active volcanoes. Small earthquakes are common every year.
Religious holidays are important in Columbia.

The president is elected to serve 4 year terms. The senators and the representatives help make laws. And Colombians are able to vote at age 18.
Colombians are known for producing fresh flowers,Iron, gold, Most make money however they can by selling goods in the streets. Colombians are known for selling illegal drugs.
Both Colombia and Italy are Catholic. In both Colombia and Italy they are the same passion for soccer, They have adult literacy. Colombia and Italy are both Republic.

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