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Body Image Presentation

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Michelle Steed

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Body Image Presentation

Body Image and Sexuality
What is body image?
Where do our ideas of body image come from?
How is sexual satisfaction impacted by body image?
Positive Body Image
Body Image
Body Image
Does Size Matter? Men's and Women's Views
on Penis Size Across the Lifespan
Lever, Frederick, and Peplau

45% of men in the study desired a larger penis
91% of those who believed they were smaller than average
46% of those who believed they were average
More likely in shorter and/or heavier men
Satisfaction did not differ across ages
Symbolism = large penis holds value across the life span

Men less likely to undress in front of their partner
(15% vs 8% average size)
More likely to hide their penis during sex
(15% vs. 2% average size)

Women are more likely to be satisfied with their partner’s
penis size than men are themselves (84% vs. 55%)

Straight vs. Gay and Lesbian
Poor body image = negative effect on quality of sex life:

gay men (42%) heterosexual women (30%)
lesbian women (27%) heterosexual men (22%)

Poor body image concerns = attempt to hide at least one part of their body from their partner during sex:

heterosexual women (52%) lesbian women (44%)
gay men (39%) heterosexual men (20%)
Body Image and Female Sexual Functioning and Behavior: A Review
Woertman and van den Brink
Women's body image perceptions correlate with:
Sexual desire
Sexual arousal and lubrication
Body Image and Sexual Behavior
Risky behavior in adolescence
Affects of pornography
Postive outcomes of healthy self image
Relationship Among Body Image, Masculinity,
and Sexual Satisfaction in Men
Daniel and Bridges
College-age men
Relationship between sexual satisfaction and:

Drive for muscularity
Body shame
Body surveillance

No significant relationships!
Only masculinity predicted sexual satisfaction
Positive Body Image
what we THINK of ourselves
how we FEEL about ourselves
What we perceive from others about
our physical appearance
masculine features
muscular physic
facial hair
body hair
penis size
testicle size
skin color
hair type
foot size
jaw line
shoulder width
body hair
facial hair
breast size
muscle tone
hair type
skin color
foot size
labia/clitoral size
stretch marks
eyelash length
eye size
nose size
nails manicured
Interesting body images facts
Over 60% of girls avoid certain activities because they feel bad about their looks.

19% won't try out for a team or club
23% won't go to the beach or the pool
13% won't give an opinion
15% won't go to school

20 million women and 10 million men will suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder sometime in their life.

The US diet industry ranges from $40-61 billion/year

Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in 2012 were up 5% over 2011 to 14.6 million.

family and friends
cultural standards
society values communicated by media and advertising

average woman consumes between 400-600 advertising images a day

69% of girls said that magazine models influence their perfect body shape image
body image messages

"Ads tell us what we are and
what we should be."
-Jean Kilborne Ed.D.
feminist author and filmmaker
“It has been our experience that women usually prefer thin, undernourished, flat chested females, dressed to the teeth, as a concept of "feminine beauty" - and that men prefer exactly the opposite: voluptuous, well-rounded and undressed. The women's idealization of woman is actually a male counterpart, competing with man in society; man's view of women is far more truly feminine.” – Hugh Hefner, magazine publisher
Fat Talk

Health (Mental, Emotional,
and Physical):

Consequences of Negative
Body Image
Programs need to:
Increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and positive self-identity
Psychoeducation to address:
Healthy nutrition
Cognitive distortions

Role Play
heterosexual couple Gavin and Lucy struggle with shared body image issues and the impact on their sexual
relationship and satisfaction


"Comparison is the
of joy"
- Mark Twain
Hundreds of photo manipulation apps available
What is
so dangerous
about handsome
Potentials for Building
Positive Body Image
"Body dissatisfaction has reached normative levels among American girls and young women. Approximately 50% of girls and undergraduate women report being dissatisfied with their bodies"
"Perceptions develop relatively early, emerging among children as young as age 7 years, and appear to exist across
diverse levels of body size and race."
“Emotional well being is more likely to be influenced by feeling overweight than actually being overweight" (Fenton et al., 2010; Jansen et al., 2007).

Mediating Factors:
Family dynamics
Positive teacher interactions and expectations
Positive support system and peer interactions
Age, gender, perceptions of self
Available coping techniques

Impact of Body Image
on Our Lives
Married Couples
Wives’ perceived sexual attractiveness positively associated with wives’ body image and both partners’ marital satisfaction

**Couples: Wives with higher levels of perceived
sexual attractiveness = more sex over past 30 days

**Couples: Increased sexual frequency = increased
sexual satisfaction

**Own sexual satisfaction = own marital satisfaction

(Meltzer and McNulty, 2010)

Somatic Symptoms
Eating disorders
Risk-taking behaviors
Drug use (i.e., illegal
hallucinogens and
Risky sexual behaviors
Penis Size Dissatisfaction
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