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PART ONE: Elements of the short story (The Pen Of My Aunt)

No description

Kayla Griecken

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of PART ONE: Elements of the short story (The Pen Of My Aunt)

PART ONE: Elements of the short story (The Pen Of My Aunt)
Par: Naima & Kayla

Time: German-occupied France, summer 1944
Place: A french country house, inside and outside

Point of view
Third person limited:
This story is written in third person limited because we only know whats going on.
We cant see how the different characters are feeling
Character and their traits

Main: Madame
disciplined and a highly organized individual.
knows how to handle tough situations.
Calm and composed
Cunning and clever
Minor: Germans (Corporal) & French (Stranger)
Germans: Hard-headed, cold, emotionless, proud, judgmental, obedient.
French: Well-mannered, emotional, peaceful, calm & composed, clever, creative.
Mood and type of story
Mood: Suspenseful, tense, uncertainty, expectation, excitement, anxiety, and anticipation.

Type of story: This story is a comedy because it has a happy ending.
Possible theme
One of the key themes that comes out is the theme of patriotism, brotherhood, nationhood.
Also, that war is abominable thing.
Type(s) of conflict
1st conflict: External conflict
The fact that the Germans have occupied France and now France is no longer a free country.
2nd conflict: Person vs person
A French soldier gets cought by a German Corporal, this is a conflict as the french soldier is walking in the woods without permission and without papers.

Initial situation
Main characters are introduced, Madame and Simone.
Setting is revealed. Germans occupied France in the summer 1944, during the Second World War.
Rising Action
A young French soldier gets captured by a German Corporal.
As the French soldier is wondering in the woods unauthorized and without papers.
His life is in jeopardy.
Complication 1
The French soldier having no papers claims to be the nephew of the estate owner.
The German Corporal takes him up to the house to confront with the owner.
She turns out to be a collaborator and covers for him without having ant idea who he was.
Complication 2
The Corporal demands to see the soldiers papers.
It is a problem because he does not have any.
The Corporal dragged Simone in
The demanded that Madame explain why her servant said she never set eyes on "her nephew" before.
Falling Action
Madame convinced the Corporal that what he overheard was a misunderstanding.
That Simone meant to say that she dislikes her nephew's sloppy habits.
She wished she had never set eyes on him.
the stranger expressed his admiration for Madame and leaves with the Corporal.
The Corporal drives the Stranger to his destination.
Back in the house, Simone and Madame drink in the name of Freedom.
Madame has to make a decision!
Either she will keep covering for the stranger.
Give up on him and tell the truth to the Corporal.
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