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Corona Chocolate

No description

Nada Essam

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Corona Chocolate

Post 23rd of July revolution
It became a public sector company after the nationalization in 1963.
Established by Tomy Khresto in 1919.

First confectionary and chocolate company in Egypt (Alexandria)
It was sold to Samcrete Egypt in 2000 and made private again.
Core Brand Power
Maintaining nostalgic identity while adding modern twist to it.
Brand Mission
Portfolio &Extentions
Expanded its market to include bisquits and soft candies yet remained focused on its original product which is chocolate bars.
Target group
Nostalgic feeling = Appealing to older customers.

Attracting youth by promising them ancient, professionally made chocolate.

Affordable to the general public due to its low prices.
Low brand recognition.

Low profitability.

Poor quality.

Poor advertizing.
Diverse portfolio.

Well educated employees.

Perception Cues
Communication Concept
"Ta3m 7abenah we ben3eesh ma3ah"

"The taste we live and indulge in."

(promise of nostalgic feeling)
Name origin
Corona = Crown
RED = Powerful and eye-catching

GOLD = Royalty/Luxury

Royalty+Power = Crown

Curves and smooth flow of colors = "indulgence".

Brand Identity
Mariam Soliman
Nour El Leissy
Dalia Tarek
Rana Allam
Nada Essam
Mariem Ossama
Khadija Youssef

Deer symbolizes gracefulness and kindness

= Corona being high quality chocolate and delicate to taste.
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