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Southern Colonies

No description

Max D'Souza

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Southern Colonies

in Jamestown
- In 1606, King James I granted the request for a company of English merchants to settle in the region called Virginia.
- Investors in the new settlement formed the London Company. This company allowed the group to share the cost of establishing the colony.
- They arrived in North America on April 26, 1607.
- On May 14, colonists founded Jamestown about 40 mi up the James River in VA. This was the first English settlement in North America
- By the time winter arrived, 2/3 of original colonists had died from marshes full of disease-carrying mosquitoes.
Work Cited
Settlement in J.Town; cont.
Thank you!
Southern Colonies
By: Max D'Souza, Griffin Santana, Zachary Kellar, Jake Cawthray, Kyle Poppiti, and Sean Foster.
The Carolinas
-The colonies were established south of Virginia. In 1633, English King gave land to eight of his supporters.
-The Carolinas were originally one colony.
- By 1730, 20,000 slaves lived in the colonies.

- Slave code: laws that were used to control slaves.
- King Georgia 2 granted a charter to James Oglethorpe, and his crew to found Georgia.
- In 1733, Oglethorpe and 120 colonists founded the city Savannah.
All Southern Colonies
North Carolina
South Carolina
View of plantations in the south.
- John Smith took control of J.Town in 1608.
- Colonists received help from Powhatan Confederacy of Native Americans. The confederacy taught the colonists how to grow food and provided food for them.

-In 1614, John Rolfe married Pocahontas, daughter of the Powhatan leader. 3 years later she died in England.
- 1622, colonists killed a Powhatan leader which led to Powhatan people attacking VA settlers.
- The English Crown canceled its charter in 1624 and VA became a royal colony
Indentured servant- person who signed a contract to work for 4 to 7 years for those who paid for their journey to America.
-Not all laborers in VA came from Europe. A Dutch ship brought the first Africans to VA in 1619.
1676, group of former indentured servants led by Nathaniel Bacon attacked some American Indians.
-Governor tried to stop him, but Bacon and his followers still attacked and burned J.Town known as Bacon's Rebellion.
-As J.Town was developing in VA, new groups of colonists began planning their move to America.
-Many English Catholics came to America to escape religious persecution.
-1620s, George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore, asked King Charles I for a charter establishing a new colony in America for Catholics.
Toleration Act of 1649: bill that made it a crime to restrict the religious rights of Christians.
Daily Life in Virginia
This what Jamestown might have looked like in the 1600s

first 2 pages of notes with Sean. Crossword with Griffin. After crossword, worked on prezi.

first 2 pages of notes with Jake. Prezi with Max and Zach.

last 2 pages of notes with Max. Crossword with Jake. After crossword, worked on prezi.
Group Facilitator. last 2 pages of notes with Griffin. Prezi with Sean and Zach. highlited important information.

second 2 pages of notes with Kyle. Prezi with Max and Sean. Highlited important information.

second 2 pages of notes with Zach.

knock knock
Video on people in Jamestown
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