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Teacher Research Project

No description

Carrie Nepstad

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Teacher Research Project

Teacher Research Project
Research Question:
How is play supported in this environment?
Data Share
Teacher Research
A Good Resource for Teacher Research
When does play happen?
What does play look like?
Teacher Research Showcase:
like a science fair!
Share and discuss: Prepare data for the Teacher Research Showcase
Choose how to
display your data
When Does play happen?
Schedule and time sampling
Data Share:
What does play look like?
Data share
Bring your notes to class
Share your data

Collect Data =

Journal notes
Time sampling
Photos and work samples
Teacher Research
Data Collection
Data Share: share what you collect in class each week
Data Showcase
Observe 1 hour of “free play”.
Every ten minutes, note where the children are
and what they are doing.
Do this 6x in 1 hour.
Time Sampling
Students choose
how to display their data
Teacher Research Showcase
NAEYC Publication
Voices of Practitioners
Carrie's video about the showcase:
These are the questions you should be thinking about when you are doing your observation hours.

These are the questions you are trying to address by collecting data over time.
Each week during your observation hours, please look for children engaged in play.

Keep an open mind about what play is. Play happens during "free play" time but it also happens throughout the day.

When doing research, you don't know the answer before you begin so you have to stay curious! Behave like a scientist and investigate with an open mind.
Observation notes of children engaged in play: include the date, time, and a detailed description of the activities. You should have at least one entry per hour of observation (30 entries by the end of the semester).

Write down the classroom schedule and include that in your data.

Draw a map of the classroom and include that in your data.

Take pictures of children engaged in play. Do not include any child's face in the picture. You can take pictures from behind or above or even a close up of their hands.

Take pictures of their work: drawings, block structures, etc.
Collecting Data

Our Teacher Research Showcase is scheduled for
Saturday October 26, 2013
You need to have the data collected, organized, and documented by this date. You do not necessarily have to have completed all 30 observation hours. The completed hours sheet is due toward the end of the semester
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