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Back to School 8th Grade

No description

Kimberly Crouch

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of Back to School 8th Grade

Weekly Work
Hybrid Interactive Notebook
Every Monday, I hand out a weekly sheet with the weekly homework, reminders and extra help dates.
Notebook Setup:

*The notebook is separated into four different sections: Reading/Literature, Writing, Bell Ringers and Vocabulary.

*At the beginning of every class, we start with a bell ringer-Daily Edit, Analyzing Quotations, "What If", Fact or Fiction, Logic Puzzles and other fun ways to get the brain going!
Quarterly Notebook Quizzes:

*At the end of each quarter, the students will assess each others' notebooks for organization, the table of contents, notes, and other important teaching materials from the quarter.
Homework Activities
8th Grade Honors English


893-3290 Ex. 2713

Writing/Essay of the Week
Literature Covered in Class

45% Minor Assignments-Paragraph Writing, Quizzes, Small Assignments

35% Major Assignments-Essay Writing, Projects, Tests

20% Participation, Homework, Word Study
Grading Policy
Interactive Notebook:

An interactive notebook is a creative way to add engagement to the regular pen-and-paper notebook. Rather than just writing notes, the students add "interactive" flaps, foldables, and color to their notebook. The interactive notebook is an excellent study tool and a wonderful resource to bring to the high school!

Students can complete their homework
at any time during the week. Homework normally consists of:
Essay of the Week/Writing
Vocabulary Activities
Word Study
Each week, students are assigned a writing assignment for the week. It is important that the students constantly and consistently practice their writing skills-essay writing, vocabulary, organizational, editing and proofreading skills.
My theory is, "Why study words you already know? Learning is studying words you DO NOT know."

*Every two weeks, the students have to find 6 new vocabulary words.
*The students can find the words anywhere as long as the words are new to them!
*Newspaper *Magazine *Book *TV Show *News *Out and About
*Grocery Store *Something that Someone Says

*The students are responsible for finding the definition, part of speech, writing a sentence, and drawing a picture

*The following week, the students choose a word to write their Word Study paragraph. The word study paragraph asks the students to analyze the word.

To Kill a Mockingbird
The Diary of Anne Frank

A Series of Short Stories
Non-Fiction Articles
Choice Outside Reading
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