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Peter, NJoroge- Simon-period q

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Peter, NJoroge- Simon-period q

Peter, Njoroge- Simon-period 1
in the first chapter of lord of the flies Simon is described as "
a skinny vivid little boy"
Simon accepts the invitation to go hunting with Ralph and Jack even as everyone was making fun of him after his fainting spell earlier in chapter 1.

"I'll come" Chapter 1
Important action #2
Early in the story ralph has a lot of very short quotes that end up influencing the entire group. Like when he says

"i'm hungry" Chapter 1
#1 important quote
"As if the beastie beastie snake-thing was real"

This Quote helps ruin morale amongst the entire group
important action #3
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