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Marketing in the Digital Age

Building a marketing presence for the digital era requires a re-formulation of people, technologies and business processes. This prezi shares some examples and experiences from our journey at CSC.

Nick Panayi

on 16 August 2016

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Transcript of Marketing in the Digital Age


Solutions & Industry
Marketing in the Digital Age
Corporate Comms
Digital Marketers combine technical depth, business savvy and creative flair
data sciences
marketing tech
creative agency experience
systems integration
sales programs
leads-to-cash processes
email marketing
database hygiene
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Platform
One of the most important investments should be a
marketing automation platform
to help architect and execute multi-touch campaigns
is the central nervous system for your entire ecosystem. Ensure balance in flexibility and power
Integration of your marketing automation system to your
is needed to ensure seamless leads-to-sales flow
All modern marketing teams need a central
content workflow, repository and calendar
tool for efficient and cohesive messaging
A foundational element of modern marketing is a high-performance
core analytics platform
...which ultimately feeds into your own
"big data" stack

for use in predictive modeling and marketing mix optimization
...and don't forget the fundamentals:
continuous data hygiene
Start with a clear and simple
leads-to-cash lexicon
between sales and marketing. Nothing is more important!
Your website is your window to the world (and vice versa).
Ensure editorial control
via clear processes and guard-rails
Set up your
Demand Center

with very detailed and clear roles & responsibilities, from "glimmer-in-the-eye" to campaign execution and leads-to-cash
With the explosion of
social media
as an invaluable part of your marketing mix you have to make sure you channel your social energy appropriately
Creative guidelines and review/approval of exceptions is necessary to protect your
brand presence and personality

especially surrounding digital content
Marketing technology is core and critical to your success. You want to ensure
development partners
are in-tune with your ecosystem
Attention spans are declining.

Immersive, media-rich experiences
can smoothen the path to your premium content
is grand central station for your prospects and customers. Always tweak. Always Optimize.
social communities
are where pervasive relationships are built and nurtured. Engage your whole company to be social media ambassadors
thought leadership
can't be bought. Be your own publisher, and leverage multiple delivery channels
Showing your prospects how you've helped others in their shoes is critically important.
Showcase your successes
with flare!
graphical content
formats that resonate with today's attention-deprived readers...and be willing to move to something else sooner or later
The Video "Town Hall" format allows you to showcase your experts in a casual, conversational setting -
humanizing the brand

People buy from people they like. Put the
spotlight on your people!
Multi-tactic, multi-touch campaigns
can bring together the best creative elements to help navigate the increasingly digital "buyer's journey"
Start with a single clear set of
across the entire

leads-to-cash cycle
. You'll need a single set of operating principles. Each company is unique
dashboards and deep-dive analytics tools
should be made available to functional experts across your marketing organization
is a fast growing discipline that allows large B2B companies to focus where it matters. ABM-specific platforms and dedicated programs can help
A single,
holistic dashboard
across all of marketing KPIs can shift the focus from report making to optimizing ROMI
marketing-to-sales funnel
account-specific digital
behavior profiles
...and deep,
real-time drill-downs

on any campaign ever launched!
Harness the power of
predictive analytics
to personalize your users' visit with the content they want, as their "digital body language" would suggest
(definition borrowed from Eric Schmidt - Google)
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