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This is NBC News

No description

Meaghan Hendricks

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of This is NBC News

& DIGITAL leading From its launch, combining the unparalleled resources of both Microsoft and NBC. To setting a single-day video stream record with its unprecedented coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Msnbc.com celebrates its 10th anniversary, and continues to lead the industry with new innovations, including the launch of video podcasts, a Flash video player, and an expanded Politics section. “A Fuller Spectrum of News,” is launched, bringing the true experience of the site to life for consumers across a variety of media, from interactive tools and RSSnews feeds to the first-ever interactive in-cinema game. The msnbc.com digital café opens at the NBC Experience Store in New York’s Rockefeller Center in June. And becoming the first major news site to launch an embeddable video player. Msnbc.com wins the National Press Club’s Online Journalism Award. Msnbc.com aquires EveryBlock and assumes reponsibility for twitter feed @breakingnews. The Msnbc Digital Networkacquires the URL www.breakingnews.com. Breakingnews.com aims to be the fastest, most accurate site for live breaking news around the globe, featuring up-to-the-second headlines from multiple news sources. 75 years For 1 network has been the source of global news
information. & 30 hours of television news programming airred a week! 58 million unique visitors 140 million video streams generating 1.2 billion page views & a total of a month! 24 hour coverage global news top-rated programs primetime
newsmagazines & including & is the only broadcast news
division with an affiliated cable channel providing a site that has made Delivering the world's most compelling and engaging stories & their apps! from a collection of powerful brands Allowing the consumer to receive news. up-to-date anywhere attracting a larger audience A collection of innovative and powerful news brands within the MSNBC Digital Network that deliver compelling, diverse and visually engaging stories on your platform of choice. FEATURING world-class BRANDS making the msnbc digital network an award-winning industry leader & anytime every news consumer providing something for the one network wide range of platforms on a A network of over 750 affiliates nationwide An award-winning in-house production company A sales website leveraging NBC News’ archival content more from
the NBC network
portfolio The network's educational arm a digital publishing group To the debut of it's live video feature Msnbc.com goes for the gold, producing not just its own site and the NBC Olympics site, but the official Olympics.com site as well. The site launches its new “Big Picture” format to dazzling effect for the Oscars and adds RSS news feeds. To making acquisitions such as the social news site Newsvine. Msnbc.com shaped what NBC News Digital is today. countless contributions to online news. milestones
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