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the profound produce quad!!!!

No description

Chris Dixon

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of the profound produce quad!!!!

What do you want to create?
How much will you charge?Every piece of fruit will be under 1.99 per pound
Have our own produce business !!!!!
Thank you''
How will you make it? Start up & day to day operations?

What do you need to buy
Who will buy what we provide ?
A community food co-op.
Lower the cost of food and have better quality food.
1. Survey community for need.
2. Conduct feasibly study.
3. Get funds.
4. Purchase land.
5. Sell membership.
$50 gift card for each member.
Members will also work in the co-op
for discounts.
What will you sell?
Fresh quality foods.

Fresh quality foods.

Why will people buy our produce? Because we will sell it at a affordable price and it will be fresh.
Krystal building total cost

people in the community food co-op and other members will receive member discounts .
THE PROFOUND PRODUCE SQUAD!!! by:Miles,Chris,Va quay, Jamal and, Armarion
we will name the store
What will be our name?
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