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CCELL for Kickoff LSU

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on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of CCELL for Kickoff LSU

What is Service-Learning?
Students provide service to the community that reinforces learning goals through hands-on experience

Service is incorporated into assignments by working with community partners to benefit the common good

Service is often done during regular class time and in lieu of other assignments
Service-Learning at LSU
“…the mission of Louisiana State University is the generation, preservation, dissemination, and application of knowledge and cultivation of the arts.
In implementing its mission, LSU is committed to use its extensive resources to solve economic, environmental and social challenges.”

Types of Courses
Composition students wrote $50,000 grant to build playgrounds for children with disabilities.
Sociology, Spanish, and English students tutor in public schools
LSU Student Feedback
The service-learning portion allowed me to learn in a hands-on manner.
Gathering data on plants at the swamp allowed me to see first-hand the importance of maintaining an ecosystem. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and I hope they continue this partnership for years to come.
I really enjoyed the service learning aspect of this class.
What is Community Engagement?
Opportunity for service

Working WITH community

Meaningful involvement with community

Mutually beneficial

Not just “feel good” experience

Center for Community Engagement, Learning, and Leadership
LSU offers a variety of service-learning courses.
Interior design students create plans for multi-use building in historic area
Architecture students provide research, design, and technical assistance for rebuilding after disasters.
An exciting, new experience
Working with community partners to establish relationships
Applying what you learn in a class to make your community a better place for everyone
Becoming part of the community beyond your school

Key Components of Service-Learning

Academic Content
Direct Placement, Deliverable, or Both

Partnerships and Reciprocity
Students & Faculty WITH the Community

Mutual Learning

Analysis and Reflection

Pure Service
Pure Learning
How many classes are there?
Approximately 150 sections in 35 departments are offered each year. New courses are added each semester.
Is it more work?
It’s not more work, it’s different work!
What do I get from this?
Gain experiences while in college, build your resume for job market, meet new and interesting people, learn how to communicate with different people

Who do I talk to for non-course specific questions about Service-Learning?
CCELL office is resource if you have questions about getting involved in community.
How do I get in touch with CCELL?
Like us on Facebook:LSU Center for Community Engagement, Learning, and Leadership
Call our office at 225-578-4245 with any questions
We are in E.B. Doran.
Director: Dr. Marybeth Lima, E.B. Doran 159
Program Manager: Kristin Menson
E.B. Doran 109
Graduate Assistant: E.B. Doran 111

• I wish I had had more service-learning course opportunities during my 2 years.
• I want to do this again!
• Service-learning component of class is the best idea ever!! I learned how to be culturally competent in my meetings and it helps with my major essays.
• This class helped me become more interested in and informed about volunteering in my community.
• I was very apprehensive about a service-learning class (at first) but this class was great! I learned so much!!! Thank you!
• This professor made service-learning an enjoyable experience.
E.J. Ourso School of Business
Accounting students helped do tax preparation for lower income families.
College of Art and Design
Manship School of Mass Communication
Students provide public relations materials and plans for non-profits.
Communication studies students develop group skills while hosting book drive
College of Agriculture
Nutrition students develop recipes and present workshops to food pantry
College of Human Sciences and Education
Kinesiology students provide exercise in after-school programs or assist those with disabilities.
College of Engineering
First-year engineering students design playgrounds for children
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Science
Math majors help tutor students in local schools.
Biology students initiate a long-term ecological inventory of trees and plants in two public nature parks and work at bird sanctuary.
ChemDemo: Nation’s largest service-learning science outreach has introduced science to 64,000 K-12 students since 1997
Chemistry students introduced environmental research in local high school
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