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Commedia Year 8

Commedia Dellarte

Jennifer Duffy

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of Commedia Year 8

TASK 1: Character walks

1. Whole group walk around space in a silly way.
Lesson 1
•To be able to understand the basics of Commedia Dell'arte
•To explore and develop Mime techniques
•To be able to work in role as part of a group
Small group work.
Use character walks and mime to create scene of different characters meeting each other in street or at party.
Lesson 4

All pupils will be able to:

Understand the use of a Lazzi.

Create a short Commedia scenario using at least one Lazzi from handout.

Some pupils will be able to:

Communicate a story effectively using mime, body language, expression, and show significant improvement over control of all skills.

Demonstrate skills learnt, and be able to communicate what worked well and how their piece could have been improved.
Year 8 Drama
What is Commedia Dell'arte?
Insert fact sheet
What are you doing?
As a group we will now take part in an activity where we explore and develop our mime skills

Mime was an important skill for a Commedia performer.

To introduce Commedia Dell’arte

•To explore stereotypes

•To develop Mime techniques
Overall aims of topic
2. Now imagine a string attached to part of your body which leads your walk.
To understand the use of Grammelot
To explore tone and expression of voice when using Grammelot
Commedia Dell’arte is a theatre form from Italy.
It was performed in market places and streets in Italy from 1530 onwards.
The term Commedia Dell’arte roughly translates to “the art of comic performance” and it refers to the art of “highly skilled professional theatrical performance”.
They were performed by professional actors who could sing, dance, mime, juggle and tumble as well as act.
The plays were mostly comedies (although they performed tragedies and dramas too), and were often rude and satirical (making fun out of the social stereotypes of the region).
They contained larger than life stock characters that were easily recognisable by audiences across the crowded market place.
To help recognise the stock characters, the actors wore masks.
There was always a basic storyline, but the plays were improvised.
The style has lasted and can still be seen in pantomime, silent movies, Monty Python, Mr Bean and comedies such as Fawlty Towers.
Introduction to Commedia Dell'arte
Design a Commedia mask to use in your next lesson.
(The mask must be a half-face mask - and be based on a Commedia Character.)
Homework Lesson 2
What are Lazzi?
Lazzi are physical Comic gags/jokes performed by the Commedia actors!

We will now watch a few examples
Main Task:
In small groups you will now examine how to create a scenario which contains a variety of Lazzi.
How can you put them together and link them into the same storyline?
Lesson 3
Task 1:
In pairs show still images with masks that tell a story:
1: Proposal
2: A fight
3: An accident
4: Telling a secret
Mask Scenario's
You will now be given a different mask scenario per group.

You have 15 minutes to create your performance and then share with the group
Lesson 2: Grammalot
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